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    Hey guys! So, I was would a science fiction book with infintilistic themes be received by general public? You see, I'm a published writer and I started writing a book with an ABDL character...I thought it would be interesting. But I don't know what the reaction of the public would be. Any thoughts?

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    I don't know anything about literary arts. But if you do get a book published with a AB/DL as the lead or side, some people's first impressions will be what you write. That's if it catches on to some extent rather then just bored people who got lucky enough to stumble onto it.

    Clearly it's not meant for the AB/DL community as a whole though since I assume you would just post in onto here, or daily diapers, etc.

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    Exactly. It's not mean for ABDL community, and it's not completely meant to be ABDL, it's just a portion of the book. It's interesting though, merging normal literature with ABDL literature...

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