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    Default sample packs help

    i found a website a while ago that sold a sample pack that had samples of all different types of tape on diapers. i think there was 12 in total. does anyone know what site this was?

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    Default has them for$9.95 plus a 1.95 service charge. Plus free shipping. I bought one back in march,that's how I made my decesion on what I use now.

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    warning: while hdis sample packs are really good and at a good price, they have a habit of sending a lot of incontinence advertisements mail to you after the order. :-/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Programmatic View Post
    I believe you may be on about the ABU sample pack found here: ABU Ultra Sample Pack @
    Hope that helps.
    Agreed. ABU is the only one that comes to mind with 12 in the pack. Some places allow you to create your own, such as at

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    I definitely concur with abdl690. XPmedical is a great site that has quality products and service for good prices. Because of their discreet shipping, I was able to get a whole case of Dry 24/7's into my house without my folks knowing (of course, it did take careful planning and luck too).

    The sample packs should help you decide on a diaper and make the right choice. Good luck!

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