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    Post Rant on facebook

    Hey y'all,

    I found this post on Facebook, what do you guys think? I think I hit the right points needed to get this touchy subject across. Ohwell, I will see what the result of it is tomorrow...

    Without further ado, here it is:

    Entirely opinion based rant, if you have something important to add that is not entirely negative, then I am open to it.

    NOTE:If you only have negative things to say on what you read here then don't comment. You are one of the reasons I/we live double lives. I should not need to filter this, as we are old enough and mature enough to get over it.

    Brief topic summary: Sexuality/double lives/secrets

    Why in this day and age, with technology this far advanced along with a greater understanding do we still live in fear of those around us finding out our deepest secrets. Sure the LGBT community has it much easier now but even then there is still some tension that keeps them in the closet. This gay marriage bill should be put through without being fought, not for just the LGBT community but on principle for the rest of us who spend our entire lives hiding a piece of ourselves away. Our sexuality should be a part of us, not a separate life for us. If we wish to live it, we should be able to without any repercussions.

    I mention the LBGT community because they are more widely known than other communities that exist out there, and have a greater understanding by others. There is many more smaller communities that some from the LGBT community might associate with as well. That is how it is, you can associate with many of the communities that suit you as you choose. Thanks to the interweb these smaller communities have built up from finding out that each person was and is not alone in their desires. This is great for helping to build and accept who you are individually, but still comes under great criticism from those outside. Even then, you can have those inside one community greatly judge those in another. We need to stop doing this and get over it. We need to be able to accept each individual person as they are, and don't treat them differently because of a choice. I am (hopefully) fully open minded to any that associate with any of the secret communities, as long as they are more accepting back.

    I do not like to live two separate lives, but I feel I must do so to protect both myself and those closest to me because of what some people might do from not understanding this part of me or others and doing stupid things as a result of finding out. It's sorta like living in segregated America still, at least we managed to move on from that (except the extremists *shivers*). I feel over time the world will start to accept us, as we are. If you ever find out these deep secrets, treat me or any other the same as before you had found their deepest secrets out. We are still the same person before you knew, just we may be slightly more open with you instead of trying to hide it.

    How about I shed some light, although I personally am not a part of the community directly, I know about their existence. The "Furry's", they live amongst us, normal to you and me, as I said above. Some just want to live their life as though they were an animal, they can have exquisite fursuits to get into the form of being their chosen animal. It is their fantasy world, one thing to learn - beware their tail, do not ever disrespect it, it is who they are (for a lot of them). I learnt that from inside my own community, a mother found out about her child and threw out his tail... ouch!

    You may know of a furry or two, I don't but they are there. They will seem normal, but they hide too. To me they will never look out of place in life, if they go out in public, its not likely anyone will recognise them, and will just place them as a dress-up character.

    Now, taking it as a broad term, (like the LGBT community). Furries can be classed under "Role play" (a furry may not see it that way). With that in mind there is a lot out there that can be classed under that term. You have people who like to dress up as someone else (such as a pirate), the Furries (dressing up as an animal), and then theres the ageplay (dressing and acting as a different age (baby to teens mainly)), to name a few along with many others. Just put a quick google search in and have a look for yourself. I would hope that if someone ever told you that sort of secret that you would still feel the same way about them and treat them the same. I wish someone would be understanding enough for me, but I guess I just haven't found the right one to let down my walls to yet.

    This is something that needs to be shown to the world without regret. If it does not physically harm you, or hurt you in any way, shape or form, then why should it be taken away or removed from your life. Its your life so live it... and to those looking on as spectators, if you don't like it do not intervene, do not treat them as something they aren't. And NEVER tell them they are fucked up or any other name calling or psychological name game, keep your fucking negative opinions to yourself.

    I have normal hobbies like you. I attend University. I have part time jobs. I am normal in every way, so keep treating me like I am normal. I no longer want to live two separate lives, where I keep one hidden and live in its fear. I want to be able to integrate the two halves of me as I please without any backlash and fear in doing so (of course there is a limit). I hope that someone understands this longwinded post and would be understanding enough to stand with me.

    Enough is enough and the ongoing war needs to end now!

    So no-one here has any thoughts on this? What does this mean? Am I alone in this stance?

    I had thought this would have at least got a few of you opinionating on it.

    Ohwell, may as well just let this die peacefully.....
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    Are you totally sure you want to do this? It's not really something you can take back.
    If you are, it sounds great! It's honest without being "I liek poppy dipprz."

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    I have seen this topic addressed before i was going to post but never got time,
    so anyway.

    Sure i agree people should be able to practice reasonable hobbies and stuff in real life, and some furries are just that its just a fun thing for them and its a social thing.

    Others its a fetish and taking your fetish into a public situation is basically unnecessary.

    For things like LGBT however that's your sexuality and that's understandable you should be free to be LGBT, but what do those things really mean, as in what are they? In short sexuality's or gender issues and having a outside of the norm sexuality is very very very different to having a fetish. Gay people and lesbians and trans are all just people in their every days lives and what not. None of those things involve acting any different than general human being in public.

    Maybe another way of looking this is not about having two lives but about you accepting yourself(i say yourself as a general term) rather than everyone having to accept your fetish, lifestyle or hobby.
    Also balancing these facets of your life, a lot of these things people do take to far like people wanting to live a 24/7 abdl life style, bronys that insist on preaching MLP to people who don't care (i have nothing against bronys just a useful example), I know of furries that take it to far and want to wear various paraphernalia constantly sometimes in inappropriate situations.
    These things will have negative impacts on your life even in the most liberal societies.

    Mainly because its silly to ignore reality this much in the day and age we are faced with MASSIVE amounts of bigotry, technological advancement is not always linked with cultural advancement or better put the advancement of civil liberties n fact some technologies set back human rights.

    But anyway my main point I support sexual freedom if people do it in their own fucking time. If your an abdl no i dont want to smell your urine.
    In short i dont see what it achieves

    Also stuff like ageplay is fine in your own time. People are adults for a reason this is reality we kinda have to deal with it.

    One other thing im not sure i agree to over exposing children to fetishes or things like furries that are heavily associated with fetish groups at a young age i dont see what it achieves.
    Sure they should learn about sexuality and gender issues but thats practical and reasonable and would just be an extension of the current education on the topic of sex ed.

    Anyway theres some opinions enjoy

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