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Thread: Just looked at gaiaonline again wtf?

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    Question Just looked at gaiaonline again wtf?

    I was really board, and decided to check out that site again and with in 5 minutes remembered why I stopped going there. Is that place a freaking mess, or am I just too old for it?

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    It's a terrible mess. Though in my opinion it has always been pretty bad.

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    It's like Lord of the Flies on the internet. Also what you do there will haunt you for the rest of your life.

    Stay away! (Like I did)

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    Didn't Gaia Online used to be forum RPing for points to dress you characters with?
    Last time I looked at it, it was some half-ass MMORPG. I prefered the lame forum RPing <_<

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    Hahha, I remember going on there once upon a time!

    Fishing at Durem...good times...sort of.

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    It's kind of a shame becouse the avatar thing was sort of neat in a way. I spent a good deal of time playing stupid forum games to get a pimp cain. Worth it.

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    Eh the whole thing is kinda lame, when there is customazation in other games where you can get items alot easier and the people on their aren't half.. not good people

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    I have some of my best forum memories from that place. It was actually before I started doing any kind of DL stuff. I made a lot of fun friends there and had an outrageous time. But that time is long gone...

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    I had fun as well. Haiku games where sometime neat to do. Infact the forum game section was probably where it was at.

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