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Thread: A realease?

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    Default A realease?

    Does anyone view being an AB as being a release from a mental illness or helps cope with stress?

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    Diapers and being a baby totally relieve my stress. When I go into baby mode I just forget all my stress for a while and I love it.

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    I don't know about how it helps with mental disorders, but I do know that many people including myself use it to relieve stress. I assume that it could help with mental disorders in the sense that it would relax the individual.

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    Yeah I always think my ABDL is more like a stress release since when I'm Diapered or being baby it makes me forget all of my life problem. Makes me feel safety and don't have to think about adult life again. So for me yeah.

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    Definitely a stress reliever for me especially when I use diapers, I never thought about it being a mental illness.

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    When I go into "LittleDavid" mode, I can almost FEEL my stress...and physical pain...levels go down to almost zero! For 5 years, I was on powerful pain killers and two kinds of muscle relaxants for a spinal problem and chronic migraine headaches. NOW, without drugs, (after I "surrendered" to my little side and stopped thinking of it as weird or wrong), I am almost pain free! As well, I have PTSD, and going into my "inner toddler" mode, just putting on my diaper is way better than any muscle relaxing drug! When I am in my apartment, I am diapered nearly all the time. For those who think our way of dealing and coping with stress is "weird", consider those who consume mass quantities of alcohol from their "bottles"! I will take a cold baby bottle of apple juice and a warm, soft diaper any day over booze or drugs! I think that booze and drugs are WEIRD, not being an AB/DL! Now, I'm Gonna grab my bear, go my my crib, and listen to a good Robert Heinlein audiobook as I drift off to peaceful, restful sleep! No drugs and no booze, either! Yea! Nighty-night!

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    Being little is a coping mechanism for me. Regressing is very common with the mental disorder I have.

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    I definitely think that AB/DL activities/desires are often expressed as a coping mechanism. My whole world view changed dramatically when I was about 5 and... I think I wanted to retreat back to being The Baby with no responsibilities again.

    I'm having a fairly tough time of life at the moment, and my desire to actually be a kid again and to wear nappies nearly all the time, and to have a relationship with someone (i.e. parent-child, not lovers) has got to the point where I spend a lot of my time dreaming/thinking about it...

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    Well I suffer from major depressive disorder and get stressed a lot about school. Becoming a baby allows me to forget about that horrible life and return to the time before I became depressed which was when I was four.

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