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    I've been an adult baby for several years now. I started with pacifiers, then a bottle, and I've added diapers and toys within the last year.

    I bought myself some baby food in the hopes of trying it or getting more vegetables in me but I'm having a hard time convincing myself to at least taste it before condemning it. How can I make myself try it or should I take it as a sign not to?

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    Not too long ago I tried some baby food apples. Tasted good enough.

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    I probably should have started out with a fruit or dessert but I jumped straight for vegetables like carrots and peas and prunes. I may have to go back for a yummier one so that I can finally break the ice.

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    Well, now you've tempted me to go down to Walmart and get a few kinds to try.

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    Maybe start with toddler foods? Gerber Graduates stuff? Though their entrees always have vegetables. Ooh, try those squeezy fruity mish mash things! They have vegetable ones, too, but they're always with fruit so they always taste sweet and stuff!

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    Is there a way I can get larger quantities of baby / toddler food? Not those tiny jars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesTheFox88 View Post
    Is there a way I can get larger quantities of baby / toddler food? Not those tiny jars?
    Make it yourself in a food processor, lol. Sorry, but that's the best I've got!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesTheFox88 View Post
    If I only had a food processor.
    Mortar and pestle?

    If you don't have an authentic one, you could probably do a makeshift one of a spoon (or one of those potato masher things) and a bowl? Won't work with that many veggies or fruits, though...only soft things like bananas or potatoes or... could use a knife to superfinely chop your foodstuffs...might take a while...but could work...maybe...very messy...

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    If only I had someone to spoon feed me. That's the whole point, right?

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