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Thread: What have been your best store bought adult diapers?

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    Default What have been your best store bought adult diapers?

    Hey all! So I am going to be buying my first adult diapers finally and will be wearing with my amazing girlfriend but now i need to buy for myself! She will be wearing luvs that she fits in easily so there's no problem there but I need to buy diapers for myself! I live in a suburb with many stores. Normally I buy my goodnites from Walmart and just use those but I have walgreens Walmart Target and just about any other store you can think of around me. So I'm looking for some well absorbant fun adult diapers to wear. Additional info if requested!
    So... What have the best diapers you've bought from a store been?

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    Without any doubt it would be Tena Maxi Slips. I only saw them once, and have never been able to find them in a store since. I believe they've recently become available in the US.

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    im in the uk so i can get slip maxis easily, i suggest you try get tena slip maxi's or supers from the store

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    If you can't get the slips i highly reccomend the tena supers. they are a decent diaper. also the tena stretch are cool although you may have to go to a medical supply store.

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    For adult diapers around here where I live your pretty much limited to pull ups by Depends or Tena. Or you can get the house brands which are a lower grade.

    We don't have hardly any mom or pop drug stores around anymore. So if you want good diapers you have to buy on line.

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    Can you find Abenas at medical supply stores over there? Those are the best adult diaper I've bought in store over here.

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    Today when you buy "adjustable underwear" you get a pull-up sort of thing that can be separated down the side, theoretically so you can change without taking your shoes and pants off. Since the sides are stretchy this is hard to do. CVS USED to sell something they called "refastenable underwear" that did not come "fastened," and had one velcro-type tape on each side. It was SO much like a real diaper. But they discontinued this and started making one like Depends Adjustable Underwear.

    Best store-bought adult diaper is the one you can get from CVS, Walgreens and Walmart (they seem to be exactly the same).

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    The best of the store bought ones are the WalMart assurance / Sams Club version of the same thing (they used to call them member's mark but they just changed that, I forget the new name).
    These are still available in the normal tape style (admittedly with the cloth-like covering) and are reasonably absorbent.

    As noted, if you can find a stare that stocks one of the healthcare brands, you'll be better off. Both ATTENDS and TRANQUILITY lists retailers that stock their stuff.
    In fact, you can get the better stuff at CVS or WalMart if you ask the pharmacy to order them for you (you can do this over the phone if you like).

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    After looking around a ton what are the thoughts on certainties walgreens brand diapers? I'm not looking for perfection but are they thought to be the best in the easisest to obtain category?

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    depends with tabs, or maximum protection. i bought a pack at rite aid last week, they usually have one or two on the shelves at wallmart or wallgreens. pretty much the only tape on you can get in a store with leak guards. the only tena ones ive seen in stores are the tena mens breifs, they hold good, but no leak guards they swell and sag, then will leak.

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