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    Forgive me if this info is already posted somewhere. I'm usually on a mobile, so the search function isn't as handy as the regular site.

    My girlfriend ordered some Bambinos that will be here soon. I've only used drug store brand in the past, and found I have to go a little at a time to prevent leakage. I am curious as to whether this is the case or not with Bambinos, or if I can flood them at least a little, without to much worry. If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    You should be able too, Bambinos seem to be at the same level as a M4 and I know from experience that M4's can handle anything.

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    Yeah they can handle a decent flooding but I wouldn't sit down too fast on it, give it sometime to absorb through out the diaper and you should then be fine.

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    Good to know. Thanks!

    Any idea how fast they ship at the cheaper rate? She ordered them Friday morning. Can we expect them this week? I understand shipping speeds and all, but I'm wondering how internal processing might affect when they actually ship.
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