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Thread: How did you all find Adisc

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    Default How did you all find Adisc

    me i dont rember how i find found of this site

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    I found out through a site called someone messaged me the link

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    I was searching for articles or advice on "curing" or getting rid of this fetish/preoccupation/desire and ADISC appeared in my google results (I believe the first thread I read was "Quitting Diapers - A DL's journey into normaldom.". Ha...). I then turned to the articles, and read Moo's article "Accepting yourself", and I joined because I thought it was helpful, and it was the first time I felt understood and like there were others out there with whom I'd like to talk to about all this.

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    Well, I was just looking for acids, and accidentally spelled it wrong.


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    I can't remember it. After all almost 4 year since I first join the site.

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    Google :P

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    looking for stories, then found the rest of the site, then was like, this is so me, then joined.

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