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    So a few days ago i had gone into town to buy diapers, a new silent spinner wheel for my mice (the one in their cage raddles like crazy and i just cant sleep at night) and some carpet cleaner.
    I first went to Petco and got the new wheel, and then continued on to Target to buy some carpet cleaner and Diapers. So i got to the checkout. There was an elderly woman checking out and another woman waiting behind her. When it was time for me to checkout, the elderly woman was still waiting near the checkout and called me out in line, i then i realized i knew this woman from my church. She caught me off guard (even the clerk looked over to her, surprised we knew eachother. i think she knew that i was nervous) and i just said "hey, ya i decided to not to go to the wedding" She hadn't expected to see me in town, since my family was away at the wedding. We chatted and she never mentioned anything about the diapers, but im sure she saw them.

    I think i played it cool, because i went about checking out as if buying diapers was a regular thing for me and she never said anything about them. She knows my parents and im not sure if she would say anything to them about knowing i wear diapers. What do you think? and also this was about my third time buying diapers, they were underjams.

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    Well... Se probably knows, but she would also look like quite a jerk to anyone if she mentioned it. If I was a parent that had a son that required diapers and someone brought it up, I would be very disappointed in the person who mentioned it. That would not be a conversation I would want to have, nor would it be something that most decent people would mention.

    Private things are private, and violating that is something most people know not to do.

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    I agree, it is possible they were noticed, but from my own personal experiences, most people you deal with are often wrapped up in their own lives and often do not notice a number of things that they are not looking for. Most often keep an eye out for people they know just in case but as for what someone you come across may notice about your purchases, well kind of depends on a few thing. Like for the diapers, they may have seen the pack but not paid enough attention to notice what they were, and even if they did things like diapers to many are not an openly discussed topic. This lady from your church may have seen them and may very well have noticed what they are, but to most people that are not into diapers they simply do not think that someone buying them doesnt need them, or atleast may think there is a reason you are buying them, like possibly a elderly family member or perhaps an unknown personal need. So i would honestly think you have little to nothing to worry about.

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    and if she did see, and if she did tell, then you have the excuse that it was a prank gift for one of your friends.

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    I have to agree with thingywhat. Suppose you were buying hemorrhoid cream. Would she call you parents and say, "I didn't know thingwhat had hemorrhoids! I think you're safe, unless she's senile or an idiot.

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    If your really so concerned you could always ask her to confirm if your cover is blown or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goofy View Post
    If your really so concerned you could always ask her to confirm if your cover is blown or not.
    I wouldn't do that, chances are she doesn't remember the diapers seeing as this was a week ago so it is best to just let it die. That way there is no chance of her telling your family if she hasn't done so by now.

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