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Thread: Huggies Step-Ins at Wilko

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    Smile Huggies Step-Ins at Wilko

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	13713Hi for UK peeps:

    I have been wanting to try these for while because they are supposed to be pull-ups with the thickness and absorbency of a nappy. Just to clarify they are called:
    Little Walkers (old UK name)
    Step Ins (current UK name)
    Little Movers (old US name)
    Slip Ons (current US name)
    Nappy Pants (Australia)

    Still only see a few odd packets of them here and there in various shops and mainly big packs for about 9.98. However Wilkinsons / Wilko now stock the small packs AND they are reduced at the moment from about 6.50 to 4.50 so I bought a pack yesterday.

    Opened out / stretched one with my hands, thought no way is this going to fit so I started sacrificing one to make extenders as suggested by cottontail. (To be continued later when I have finished them!)
    Anyway, I just thought I would give one a go sliding it up my legs to see how far it would go and amazingly on my 35" inch waist it came right up and down again without damage - very tight though but I could still pull them up and walk in them, possibly even wet with care!

    Worth a try anyway peeps - have fun!
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    I'm very interested in hearing more about this. These seem amazing!

    Any way you could do maybe a video review or snap a pic or two of the diapers?

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    Yes certainly am off out for the day to Saltburn and haven't done photos on this site yet but I'll give it a go when I can

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElliottABDL View Post
    I'm very interested in hearing more about this. These seem amazing!

    Any way you could do maybe a video review or snap a pic or two of the diapers?
    Hi - pictures uploaded!

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    These look amazing! Thanks for the pictures. I hope they come over to North America one day, they seem exactly what I like

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	13744Updated:

    Made the extenders suggested by Cottontail - sacrificed one nappy opening the velcro sides and taking the front and back wings off. Stapled together one back wing and one front wing (repeated with the other pair). Opened a fresh nappy at the velcro sides and simply inserted one of the extenders on each side (obviously plain end goes to velcro on the new nappy and velcro end goes to plain end on the new one). This gives more than adequate width for my ample 35" waist so could well do for 40".

    Opening and closing the velcro sides repeatedly, weakens the join as fluff gets on the velcro (hooks?) strip. However no worry when doing it once or twice to insert the extenders, as the joins are under much less strain now.

    This nappy pulls up and feels great on the crotch, but there is still the rise problem.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Sanddeath View Post
    definitely look just like underjams/goodnites.
    I suppose they are cloth covered pull-ups like the underjams/goodnites but there are some differences:
    Smaller (just go to size 6 rather than sized up to 12 / 15 years old)
    Open/close at the sides (which gives a good oppurtunity to insert extenders)
    Supposed to be a traditional nappy/diaper absorbency rather than pull-ups / training pants absorbency
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    Glad it worked, sambus! Unfortunately, there are no great answers for the rise problem. My best would be to suggest cutting the front and crotch out of some cotton briefs and safety-pinning these diapers in their place. Whether that has any appeal or not will depend on how determined you are to wear these comfortably. Too bad they aren't a bit bigger! Pull-ups all run so small.

    Have fun with 'em!
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    Interesting! I hadn't heard of these. Looks promising, though my trials with Pull-Ups and size 6/7 diapers in recent years haven't gone so well compared to GoodNites and adult diapers. Worth a try anyway I suppose. I'll look out for them.

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    just comparing extended Pampers Baby Dry 6 with extended Huggies Step Ins 6, the Huggies are more comfortable, I think it is the deeper sides, maybe the shape. Haven't tried wetting any size 6's though, extended or not its just for the thrill of wearing real baby stuff.

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