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    So I live in a small town and the grocery store that's there sells diapers but they haven't upgraded in awhile so they still the old depends. The plain white adjustable underware lol. If only so many people that I knew didn't work there and I had money.

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    if they are the only option you have they are better than going in your pants :p but not by far i went to a local pharmacy and they had the old depend fitted brief s and they were crap i think the new ones are alright and the only reason i got them is they were the ones i had planed on buying when i was 8 lol. find a better alternative as you sound like you need to.... i'm sure you will find something or look at a makeshift not as good but they probable work better than the old depends lol

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    I haven't been able to find any of the Max Protection depends in the stores around town. Ended up having to go to CVS to get their brand. Never tried those before, hope they're at least halfway decent.

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