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Thread: If it weren't for bad luck...............

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    Default If it weren't for bad luck...............

    Sometimes I gotta wonder if I've pissed off God. I went to my orthopedic surgeon yesterday to get checked out after the car wreck I had on August 29th, (that some one else caused BTW), and had the usual X-rays done. Well, he found that one of the screws holding the titanium plate in my neck where I had to have a disc removed six years ago had come loose and had backed out about 1/4 inch or so. He immediately ordered a CAT scan, and I got that done a few hours later.

    I haven't heard back yet on the results of that, but he was worried enough about it that he put me into a neck brace and told me that it looked like the fusion of the two vertebra in my neck (that this metal plate is helping to hold together) looks like it may have been fractured in the accident, so I've gotta wear this brace now until he can determine if that's really the case. The X-ray is inconclusive, it's not detailed enough to tell, thus the CAT scan, and he said an MRI may be needed as well. He'll wait to see the CAT scan to determine that. So I may be going to have another surgery on my neck to fix this if it's serious enough.

    I've been having these horrible headaches since the accident, and my back has been hurting more than normal, so I'm sure that this isn't going to be settled with the insurance company for some time. They of course wanted to settle right away and have me sign a waiver releasing them of any further obligations, but I've been down that road before, and I'm not about to let another ins co. screw me over again. They had the nerve to offer me $250.00 to cover the doctors visit yesterday, (this was last week they offered this), along with $1000.00 for the "pain and suffering", and whatever the rest of the medical bills totaled up to so far, around $4400.00 total, and then $719.40 for my car. Well, I can tell you that $250.00 won't even cover the X-rays, let alone the doctors visit, and now I've got the CAT scan on top of this, and maybe even an MRI, and surgery too! No, these guys aren't getting off that easy this time!

    Man this brace sucks!!!! I've forgotten how they felt since the last time I had neck surgery and I had to wear one for 6 weeks afterwards. They make you sweat, they rub on your neck and chest and give you sore spots, they itch....., it just sucks, to put it bluntly!

    And I'm wondering what will happen if this screw does come out. It was put in from the front of my neck, the plate is fastened to the front of my spine, because it's easier to get at than the back, and they don't need to cut any of your muscles to get to the spine this way, unlike my lower back where they cut and spread 14 1/2 inches of muscle and skin to gain access to my spine. I'm just a walking disaster area, waiting to fall apart!

    My surgeon looked at me yesterday, shaking his head, and said, "Only you!!!", referring to all the problems I've had in the last 7 years. I've been a learning experience for him in that nothing seems to go right. It seems like all the little things that could go wrong, that have only a one in a thousand chance of happening, seem to happen to me. Don't get me wrong though, I trust this doctor completely. He's one of the best there is in this field. It just seems sometimes though that, "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all"!
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    Damn... well... all I can say is if you don't have a lawyer already, get one now... as you probably know this fix ain't gonna be cheap.

    On the bright side... how much do you think those hours spent in a neckbrace are worth... a few thousand? Pain and suffering money FTW!

    You might be able to buy a new car to replace your old one at the rate this is going.

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    At least you still have bone. My grandma got in a car accident where she broke some ribs, punctured her lung and liver, and shattered her humerus (the upper arm bone). They glued/screwed her arm back together, it fell apart. They did it again, and she was clear to go home, where her incompetent family doctor failed to recognize a serious bone infection for months. After months of intense antibiotics (vancomycin), the antibiotic resistant infection was gone, taking 5" span of her humerus with it. Fortunately, her specialist is one of the best in the world and then they flew in another one of the best from Isreal, and together they performed a procedure never done before to fashion an artificial bone from an antibody infused "bone cement" still going through clinical trials. They moulded it into a rod with cups at either end to wrap around the bone, and then because the setting reaction produces much heat, they had to douse it with ice water. Enough to preserve the heat sensitive antibiotics, but not so much as to cause tissue damage. Finally, after over 2 years in and out of the hospital, she had a semi-usable arm again.

    Then 6 days after she was fully cleared and at 86, she slips on flyer in her condo and seriously fractures her femur in two places. Cue another 6 months in and out of hospitals, more rods and screws, another serious infection in her arm due to a loose screw, more physiotherapy, and she is finally going home sometime next month.

    In think in the past 3 years, she have been in her condo for 6 months. The rest of the time has been in hospital (200+ days) or in long term care (where she currently and temporarily resides).

    I conclude: Getting old sucks.

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    My first dealing with the insurance company after my accident, was they allowed me to stay in the hospital on a day by day basis, for god sakes my leg was practily torn off, and then they called it day by day, like they expected me to be there a week and go home.

    Well 6 months later when I did go home, was just the beginning of a 10 year fight, there first offer a year later was to let me go back to work, and I would have a job for life, or so they said.

    After they figured out I wasn't going to go back to work, in hopes they would find falt, in my work so they could fire me, and leave me out in the cold with nothing, they made the generous offer of 100K, which by the way I would have to cover my 250K hospital bill myself, Oh they are so kind.

    Fast forward 10 years they not only had to pay for my hospital, but they had to settel with me for 1.4 million, so get a great lawyer, not the guy down the street, but the biggest law firm you can find, they all make the same commision, and if you take it to a small law firm they are just going to get a peice of the action, and that is money out of your pocket.

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    Would you mind using spacing, its insanely hard to read when its a wall of text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I love neck braces
    Then you must not have had to wear one before, because if you did, you'd know how uncomfortable and sweaty they are. I admit it's nice to just let my head rest and not use my neck muscles, and if it were cooler, it might not be so unpleasant, but here in this Arizona heat, it sucks! I've been sweating all day now, but maybe this is a good way to lose weight, what do ya think? LOL

    As for a lawyer, I'm not sure just yet what I'm going to do there. I've got to wait to see what the results of the CAT scan are before I make any decision there, but my wife and I have discussed it already. I would like to get that kind of a settlement, but I'm sure it won't be anything like that, unless there is some irreversible damage to my neck or I wind up paralyzed from the surgery to fix this, God forbid!!
    We had talked about using that Goldberg and Osborne firm again, the accident lawyers that do all those TV commercials. I had used them for the last accident when I got rear ended in my El Camino in February of '04, but I admit, I didn't get much out of that, and it was a real fight to get what I did, and then they took a third of that. After all the bills were paid, I had maybe a thousand dollars left.

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    The best lawyers don't need commercials and marketing. They are simply known to those who matter (aka likely clients). So ask around, look to see what lawyers are successful in your region/community. For example, my family's lawyer is a past MP, MPP, current President of the local board of trade, and a director in various minor league sports governing bodies. If he isn't the best around in the field of law you require council with, he knows who is and will refer you.

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    Default Well, I got the bad news today............

    I got the results of my CT scan from the surgeon today. He called me personally to let me know what it said. It seems that the accident did in fact loosen one of the screws in the plate in my neck, but the worst part is that the fusion between the two vertebra that the plate was there to protect has broken as well. He called it a "non-union", meaning that the fusion didn't hold.

    So now I've got to wear this horrible neck brace for the next 4 weeks, and go back in then for more X-rays and another CT scan to determine if it is healing, but if the pain should get worse, then I'll need to go in sooner, and possibly need to have another surgery to fix it.

    And what's even more scary, is that he may need to go in from the back of my neck this time because of the scar tissue that developed from the last operation. Going in from the back means that he will need to cut through a lot of the muscles and the recovery is more painful and much longer then.

    When I had the first one done, I was back to work in just 6 weeks, and I didn't need any physical therapy either, as he only needed to push things aside to gain access to the front of my spine, and no muscles needed to be cut through, and that made me really happy!

    This really sucks!!!!!!!

    Now I'm not sure if I need to go get a lawyer or not. I don't know how this other guy's insurance will fight paying for this. I got a call from them today as well, wanting to know what the doc had said, but they called a half an hour before the doctor did, so I could only tell them what he suspected on Monday. But now they want me to sign a medical release form so they can get all of my records from the doctor, and I'm not sure if I should do this or not.

    Has anyone else been in this type of a situation before? And what did you do about it, how did you handle it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Really sorry you are having to go through all of this. The one thing I might add is that you can be sure the insurance company has a team of lawyers on speed dial, it probably wouldn't hurt for you to have someone that knows how to play the game in yours. The better business bureau, your county bar association, and the chamber of commerce might give you useful information about finding the best lawyer for the job, if personal references can't get you there.

    Hope everything works for the best.

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