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Thread: Simple AB outfits that wouldn't draw much attention?

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    Default Simple AB outfits that wouldn't draw much attention?

    Just wondering if anybody has some opinions on what could be worn as an AB outfit, in a public space, that wouldn't really cross any lines?

    Basically, I just want a few new outfits and don't really know what to get. I've considered shortalls and overalls, but beyond those I can't seem to think of anything. I'm not going to wear my feety pyjamas in public, but if I can find something remotely babyish I probably wouldn't mind that.

    So, any outfit suggestions?


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    Default Simple AB outfits that wouldn't draw much attention?

    How about a diaper and onesie with shorts?

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    Find a t-shirt with little-kid logos on it

    Shortalls with some kind of hidden snaps at the crotch

    ... might be easier for a woman.

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    You can always where a onesie with shorts or pants over it.
    I've got some fairly normal looking pants that my wife sewed snaps in the crotch.

    I also take the bears with me...that usually attracts benign attention.

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    Most things worn by babies and toddlers are just miniaturised versions of adult clothing, which means that there are lots of options for outfits that look little that are still socially acceptable to wear in public. You just have to get creative

    As some other users have posted overalls/shortalls wouldn't look too out of place, and you can always wear a onesie as if it was a t-shirt. Another option that works quite well is to find bright, primary coloured t-shirts and combine them with denim jeans or denim shorts that have an elasticated waistband. Colourful, velcro fastening shoes can be a nice addition as well.

    You can also buy iron-on patches and customise your adult clothes to make them look a bit more little. It might be just because I'm used to being around students but this seems to be perfectly acceptable (male and female). There's a reason my overalls have a really cute tiger on the front

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    I agree with cgh, Be creative

    I use daily underwear for kids.(still fit in them) wear shoes with velcro. Have pants and shirts that have prints on them that remember me when i was young.

    I have onsies and never heard anyone of my neighbours when i hang them out to dry

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_8381.jpg 
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ID:	13684 This is just one of the shirts I wore while on vacation. I did have some people ask why the pampers shirt but I just told them I do advertising for them.

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    Another option that honestly might not be too "babyish" or "childish" yet really wouldn't bee too noticed in public would be a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic shirt. With the incredibly varied fanbase of that show you can fairly easily get shirts and stuff in just about any size. then you can go out in a shirt for a little kids show, yet still be wearing "adult" clothing. And you never know, might make some new friends in the process.

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    I wear my footies in public often. They're not really associated with babies nowadays, anyway*♥ I'll always wear them to movies and often out grocery shopping, too.

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    That's cool Tinklerbell, just be careful not to end up on "people of walmart" hehehe.

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