We've updated our Tapatalk support today.

The changes (copied from the Tapatalk team) are:

  1. add vbseo like support
  2. update subscribed push without email binding
  3. fix push pm issue in some forums
  4. fix login issue for some forums
  5. fix advanced delete option issue
  6. fix can reply status issue
  7. fix online status issue
  8. fix hide forum option issue
  9. fix search result unread status issue
  10. fix search result avatar missing issue
  11. fix reply number format issue
  12. fix 'list' bbcode parse issue
  13. fix auto link convert issue when edit post
  14. fix can subscribe status issue
  15. enhance debug mod
  16. enhance push compatibility
The most obvious of these fixes are that avatars now show up when looking at the list of threads.

Enjoy, all.