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Thread: Best Attends Brief?

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    Default Best Attends Brief?

    Im looking to buy some attends briefs pretty soon and i wanted to know what the best most absorbent brief that attends makes is.

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    Attends are nothing they used to be, The Waistbrand briefs used to be the best back in the day, now they are no better than Depends.

    On the other hand, I've tried their (most absorbent brief) extended wear briefs, but they aren't anything special. They are over priced for what they do.

    If you want something decently cheap that works, go with Tranquility, they are a great diaper for the price their ATN (all through the night) briefs are great and function a lot better for the same price range.

    If you are looking for the most absorbent diaper you can try Dry 24/7, they are pretty much the most absorbent disposable diaper that you can buy. Although expensive, you pay for what you get.

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    i have tried tranquility atns but i dont like them all that much because all the SAP ends up sliding to the bottom of the diaper and causing leaks when i use it next. so you say that the waistband style are the best attends to get if i were to get them?

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    The most absorbent attend's product would be the attends extended wear.
    They are about twice as thick as the attends breathable briefs.
    They are somewhat expensive as two packs runs about $45-$50 can with shipping.
    My only experience with them is with size large. Large has 14 diapers to a pack.
    And in Canada they can be bought from
    Hope this helps

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    The Extended Wear Briefs are now, the waistbrand briefs now are really bad. The Attend does the same thing, sagging to the middle, it's no different at all. Not too many brands I can think of that doesn't have that problem. Bambino I know doesn't have that problem as bad as some of the others out there. Usually the SAP heavy diapers out there do this less.

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    i was looking more for a plastic backed attends because i just dont like the cloth backed diapers because they are more leak prone

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    I'm a heavy overnight wetter and I use the Attends waistband style. I selected them 4 months ago over ATN's and others over cost and performance.

    I prefer the 3 tapes over the 2 tapes. They fit me better and don't come undone during the night. I sometimes toss and turn alot sleeping. Since I'm

    on a fixed income I have to watch my exspences for the month. I use Attends breathable for my day diaper.

    That costs me around $90.00 a month.

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