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    Hi, everyone. I'm not really a newbie, but I've never posted before, so I'm just going to follow the intro cheat sheet template and see where this all goes. This may be too long for an intro, but I've been quiet for so long, perhaps that's okay. So...

    1) Hello, who am I?

    As the subject line says, I've been coming here for a long time. I've been a lurker on sites related to this subject this since 1998. I think the first one I found was DPF, and then Cloudy's Corner/Sissy Becky and Sissy Kiss, (I'm not a sissy, though I have no problem with it, it's just a sub-niche that isn't for me). Somewhere in there I found a few other sites, some of which have come and gone, but I also found adisc, which has become my favorite. At all these sites, I read and read and read, but never posted. It's only been in the last few days I got the confidence to register and post anywhere. This is my first go at that.

    2) What brings me here?

    I'm here for the same or similar reasons as everyone else. I've had AB feelings as long as I can remember. I had the incredible fortune of being in an AB relationship with my ex-wife for over 8 years, and it was something SHE introduced as an ex boyfriend of hers was into it, and she thought I might enjoy it as well. Of course I did, but I foolishly never let on I knew anything about it beforehand. It was just more comfortable and safe to just feign ignorance and enjoy the ride. Sadly, that relationship ended about two years ago, though our split had absolutely nothing to do with anything related to ABDL.

    After this, I put the whole AB thing behind me, and accepted I'd probably never do anything beyond occasionally thinking about it from time to time, and I was okay with that. I purged pretty much everything, and did so without regret.

    However, in the last few months, I started dating my best friend. She's been my best friend for much longer than I knew my ex-wife - over half my life, actually, so I feel very comfortable with her. And so a few days ago, I finally told her about my AB feelings. I told her I didn't expect us to pursue them, I just wanted her to know. This is probably thing only thing I've ever held back in sharing with her.

    I knew she'd be understanding, and I knew it wouldn't have any negative impact on our relationship, but what I didn't expect is for her to fall in love with the idea. She said she'd always wanted to do something like this with me, but wasn't aware of this particular method of doing so. As my best friend, and the person whose shoulder I've always cried on, she's naturally been someone who's been very nurturing with me for a long time, but I didn't ever expect it to manifest itself in this way. I suppose she didn't, either.

    The rest is going to sound like one of those BS fap stories, (and I really loathe those), but after I fell asleep that night, she got on her computer and researched. And I mean researched.

    I woke up to find she'd ordered two packs of diapers as well as some samples from Bambino, a site I know we're all familiar with, but she found it on her own that night. Further, that afternoon when I got home from work, she presented me with a blankie and a pack of drug store diapers to use until the Bambinos come.

    She's diapered me twice since I told her a few days ago, and told me when the Bambinos come, and I'm diapered in something more secure than a sub-par drug store brand, she wants to try 24/7 usage, messing and all. She said if we're both comfortable with it after a few days, she'd like it to generally stay that way, (within reason, of course - no doctor visits or days at work when I have meetings, etc.). Messing is something I've never done, and I'm not sure I want to, but as open as she's been, I'm going to try it.

    I know it's new and exciting to her, and perhaps the excitement and then interest will fade as reality kicks in, and/or it will come and go in phases as she or I may get bored with it. Or it could come and go if or when our lives or interests turn to other things we'd prefer to focus on, as they come up. But despite knowing she'd be okay with it when I told her, the surprising fact that she's this into it, is truly an amazing blessing.

    3) What brings me here?

    I've been here awhile. I've just been quiet. The intro cheat sheet suggested I talk about my interests with this question. Okay, cool. I'm a musician and I used to tour and put out records with a band I'm sure nobody has ever heard of. We never made it - we barely broke even. No record deal. No radio play. No charting. Just recording and touring. I still play, but only locally, and it's just as fun as it always was. Well, almost...

    I have a really demanding, but cool day job in middle management that I really love. I like killing Nazis and Zombies on my Xbox. I like conquering the world or universe on games on my PC - Will Wright's Spore and Sid Meier's Pirate and Civ games are my go to for wasting time. I'm really good at grilling. When I'm around, my friends ask me what song is playing before they open their Shazam app, and I'm almost always right. I like independent and foreign films, and my silliest non-diaper related guilty pleasure would be watching silly reality TV shows about ghosts.

    4) What am I looking for out of this site?

    I'm finally open with someone with whom I'm deeply connected to emotionally and otherwise, and I felt becoming (a more vocal) part of the community would help give me a sounding board as I embark on this new part of my life. That is to say, while she's excited, I want to encourage it without rushing her, and I think talking about it with others who are familiar with the ins and out would help keep me grounded, fair, and honest in facilitating this new part of my relationship with her. I'm going to encourage her to make an account here for the same reasons - community, education, and support.

    Finally, I suppose I should point out one more thing. Despite my user name and avatar, I'm not a babyfur. Again, like sissies, nothing against our furry friends, it's just not for me. My user name is just related to an inside joke between my girlfriend and I, that originally had nothing to do with ABDL.

    And there you have it. I hope this is an acceptable intro, and I'm glad to be here, and I hope you'll have me.


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    Hi there Tigerrawr
    I can relate to the lurking and trying different sites bit as I've done that too even joined SissyKiss although like you its subgenre wasn't really me (and I didn't like 18's nature of the site) so that's something we have in common. You like and even perform music? That's cool as I also love music. What style of music do you perform in and for how long was your band been together?
    You come over to me as pretty mature as you're right the interest in AB or for me being an (adult) little girl (LG) can go up and down sometimes because of the big groan up stuff we may have to spend more time on from time to time.
    So welcomes and if you go to my profile you'll find my LG blog which does also cover things like music too should you be interested in reading it.

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    Welcome to the site, that is one amazing intro not so long I lost interest but long enough to include just about everything

    You are so lucky to have found one person into it but 2 is startling I wish you the best of luck with that

    I've got Civ3 but I'm not amazingly good at it are the other games easier or more intuitive? which is your favourite?

    And talking of favourites what are your favourite films? since you brought it up. I'm a bit of a sucker for Japanese/Korean films but they do have to be dubbed into english.

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    Truly excellent introduction Tigre! Your GF is one heck of a catch, I would hang on to her. Even if you decide the 24/7 and messing thing isn't going to work, what a blessing to have someone who is open and willing to explore this interest "playfully". I am gay, so if I could find a BF like your GF, I would be in heaven! I have no intention of ever going 24/7 and messing would only be on rare occasion. I do have another idea when it comes to doing Number 2. I would need help getting on the potty, then need someone to wipe my bottom afterward, then help me redress. Messing in a diaper is such a big hassle and I always have to take a shower after to get rid of all the smell, I just like doing it very much (but that is just me).

    You say you've had this interest long before your first marriage, how long? When did you first start thinking about it, and when did you first do something about it?

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    Thanks everyone, for your kind responses.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoanneChan View Post
    What style of music do you perform in and for how long was your band been together?
    Hi, JoanneChan. Every band I've ever been in has always played dirty rock and roll bar music. I love it. The band is still together, I just moved on. I've been playing for years though, and I can't imagine ever being sans band for very long.

    I've got Civ3 but I'm not amazingly good at it are the other games easier or more intuitive? which is your favourite?

    And talking of favourites what are your favourite films? since you brought it up. I'm a bit of a sucker for Japanese/Korean films but they do have to be dubbed into english.
    Hi, DylanK. My favorite Civ game is Call to Power, one of the less popular versions from the late 90s, but I still love it. Most of my favorite films are French, but there's a South Korean movie called Oldboy that's really fantastic. In case you're not familiar with it, it's part of the Vengeance Trilogy, all of which is really good. The cinematography the director used was heavily influenced by side scrolling fighting games from the 80s.

    You say you've had this interest long before your first marriage, how long? When did you first start thinking about it, and when did you first do something about it?
    Hi, MyWorld08. (Nice avatar by the way). My earliest memory is watching cartoons at my grandma's house. There was an episode where a character ended up in a diaper, and that really fascinated me. I wanted that to be me, and it just sort of stuck with me from then on, though whatever cartoon it was has long faded in my memory. I'm pretty sure it was Looney Toons or something from the 1940s or 50s, but that's all I can really remember.

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    Hej, welcome TigreRawr!

    I really laughed about that diapered tiger in your avatar. Like it!

    Why is your nick name tiger related? Is that by any means related to your interest in diapers? I always wonder about that related to my own nickname...

    By the way: from my perspective the best Civ-game surely is Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri ("Best strategy game ever")


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    I never played AC, but I've heard wonderful things about it. The use of tiger in my user name is from an inside joke between me and my girlfriend. There's not really a way I could explain it without a lot of boring context. Also, it wouldn't be an inside joke anymore if I explained it, and I don't know that she'd dig that. But I'm glad you like the avatar. I thought it was appropriate for this site.

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