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Thread: Clothlike V/S plastic backeting

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    Default Clothlike V/S plastic backeting

    what do you prefer plastic backeting diapers or clothlike cover?

    i personally i prefer plastic ones the clothlike just leaks and also is not very nice as the old plastic ones

    best regards

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    I like the clothlike for daytime. There cooler to wear in this hot weather. Plastic ones for overnight.

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    I have my first pack of clothlike and I have found there is plastic under the cloth, but I break more trying to get them tight.

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    disposable diapers are ment to be plastic as far as im concerned.
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    Plastic of course...I'm a child of the 70's/80's That's what we had...that's what my DLism fixed upon.


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    Plastic backed they hold more and they are crinkly.

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    I have worn the Bambinos and Cushies and the crinkle sound is nice as I pad around the house... but I was a child of the 50s; I understand there were disposable diapers then but they had to be pinned and were expensive. My experience with diapers is more from changing real babies in the modern world. Cloth-backed, hook-and-loop tapes are SO much easier to use, and for myself, since I like to be diapered in public, the cloth backing eliminates worry about sound being heard. Also, the modern tapes are much easier to re-position or re-tape after removing the diaper to go poop.

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    I liked the cloth like cushies, but idk how I feel about cloth like overall as I only really tried that one.

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    My experience with modern baby diapers is that they suck. They leak through if wet too much. This is not from me wetting it is from my 5 month old daughter. My personal experience is from adult diapers. I like the cloth like cover on the Cushies from ABU are good because they have a plastic backing still.

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