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    Has anyone personally tried this product? I'm interested in ordering it but it's seems a little pricey, about $300 if i'm not mistaken, which i don't mind paying but I would like to hear from anyone if they have used a NONO and their positive/negative experiences.

    I would love electrolysis but the places near me want $1500 for just Face & Neck!! which is up front and discounted!!!!!! aaaahhhhh soooo yeah I just know I can't shave every day, i go though a razor every 2-3 days and they cut my lips all to hell!!! and there's only so much makeup can hide.

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    I have no idea I would love to help but I caught laser treatment on sale by a local esthetician who came high recommend from my doctor and her clinic is in my network so I paid around $800 for full face neck and all of my more private area's. As far as the nono is concerned I was tempted but shyed away from it as it is a lower powered attempt at home laser it may work for some, but very and most of the reviews I have seen say it does not work, for example hsn most reviews are really low. I have tried nair and other chemicals as well and they banish it to being short for a few days but it is not worth the cost. I hate to burst your bubble but they really are not worth anything, most home attempt at laser and electrolysis are pipe dreams. I have spent a lot trying them just not this particular one, after many failures I saved up and went for laser not quiet as permanent as electrolysis but as said it is expensive and it can grow back with electrolysis not as likely but it can and would grow back at least as dark as before. Laser usually, while regrowth is more common it does leave the hair permanently finer and lighter if it does grow back at all, disadvantage over electrolysis it takes at least 6 treatment 6 weeks apart from each other and they take about 90 minutes, it is more comfortable than electrolysis but it is definitely not the most comfortable thing in the world. I am not trying to discourage just want to prevent you making some of the same costly mistakes I have. In the mean time until you can afford to have it professionally done shaving well and using anti-hair growth oil and skin conditioner like they use after waxing only you will using it after shaving helps a lot and I would just start with about a month supply of oil based on using it on a daily basis, you do not want invest to deep as it does not work for everyone, but a month of consistent use consistent being the keyword here will show results most likely if you are going to be responsive to it.
    Sorry to say the NoNo is really a no go, I wish their was good option for a decent price, sorry to disappoint you hopefully this catches you before you spend any money so you can save it towards better options, also if you have not subscribed to living-social yet I might suggest that is where I was able to pick up my treatment for so cheap about $2100 dollars off the normal price, and this economy it seems like their is always a special going on somewhere.
    Also please keep asking questions I am by no means an expert, just know what I know from the traps I have fallen for.
    Best of luck in your new life and many congratulations.

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    I don't know. All I can say is that the Amazon reviews aren't exactly excellent. It doesn't seem effective enough to be a replacement for electrolysis nor laser hair removal.

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    Yeah i've been reading a lot about it since posting this. I put a call into my DR she's going to try and find me a place that will be a little easier on the wallet or even offer a set payment plan

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    ok so I found an electrolysis that i can work with!!!!! They are in Lexington, licensed and go by the hour!!! They offered me 1 hour visits @$75 or a 6 hour package for $450 which sounded good and would defiantly work with that! She said when I can arrange my visits with a ride she'll see me for a free free consultation and 30 minute electrolysis to make sure it's something i'm comfortable with!! When we where about done she asked if I was transgender and i happily answered yes! She told me in that case she will give me a discount for 6 hours at only $300 which caught me off guard but heck yeah!! now I just need to work this around my ride or even go stay with my aunt in Lexington which would mean getting up at 5am going into Lexington for a 2 hour treatment and then kill time the rest of the say which i'm not to thrilled about because i hear there is swelling from electrolysis and i don't wanna walk around looking all bloated

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    There's also the tria laser. I've heard it was really good. It's expensive, but I'm saving up my money for it =)

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    That is great to hear Robin, glad you could get such a good deal, it can swell a bit because it is essentially stabbing each follicle then shocking it to death, so yeah that will irritate things a bit, but the pain is worth it as it is one of the most effective treatments to date. Suggestion would be a topical anti-swelling cream you can usually get them over the counter at your local pharmacy, and anti-bruising agent vicks works great for small spots but I am sure you don't want that every where, they make other option that are less smelly but I don't know their names though vicks is the cheapest.
    Best of luck, and congratulations,

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