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Thread: Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 2) fan translation complete!

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    Default Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 2) fan translation complete!

    Edit: Removed the link, just google "Mother 3 english patch"

    Haven't played it much, I've decided to go back and finish Earthbound first, but so far it's living up to the original, and then some.

    A little background info for those who don't know it:

    Back in 1995, an RPG came out for the SNES named Earthbound. It was a great game, set in a quasi-1950s America called Eagleland. It featured interesting characters and plot, quirky and often hilarious dialogue, some bizarre enemies, and made fun of more gameplay tropes than you could shake a stick at. It even came with a full-colour, full-length player's guide. Unfortunately, it failed to sell, and so when the sequel eventually came out in Japan in 2006 for the GBA, Nintendo decided not to bring it over to the western world, due to the GBA being at the end of it's lifespan and poor sales of the previous game.
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    Good luck in not getting modded for providing links/details on how to get illegal rom's.

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    Excuse me? There's nothing illegal about that site. It is a patch for the game (you still need the game itself), and the only ROM-related links contained in it go to emulators, which are perfectly legal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSiltStrider View Post
    Excuse me? It mentions nothing about illegal roms. It is a patch for the game (you still need the game itself), and the only links contained in it go to emulators, which are perfectly legal.
    heh. I read it wrong and I thought they gave links to the rom's. But still as far as I seen the mods here don't look to kindly in downloading stuff that supports illegal downloads and what not. Of course one of them or a old one on how you look at it recently was telling of how he wanted to torrent episodes of House which is illegal.

    Anyways I am just saying watch out..

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    Thanks for the warning, although from reading some of the other threads (such as the "Spore" one (with members outright saying they've pirated it), and the "torrents" one), I didn't think emulators would present such a problem. I'll remove the link just to be on the safe side, though.

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    I think I was the one that said I torrented Spore

    I think its a cool game but I won't deny its fast paced. I got to the space stage in maybe 9 hours.

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