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    Hey there cubs and baby animals, I am making a few themed cyber pets/babies and I promised a friend that the next version after my first one is out will be a fury baby so I would like to ask you guys what is the best.

    So far I have thought about Wolf or Cat type, would you agree these are the best ones to look in to ? and if so witch one would be better ?

    I will be doing the art work myself so it would need to be easy to draw lol Please give a little reason why you find this a good animal to use, I would like to see reasons not just I like wolf, dog, fish ex lol I like to know what you guys really would like and why

    Thanks for you help in advance P.S my kitten says Maw how he attacks the mouse on the screen

    Nicky Omutsu.

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    Hey guys, haven't you got a fav baby fury/fur? I really could do with a hand here to help me out to make my next cyber baby fit hugs

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    People posted the top ten species they like to see in art in this thread, maybe that'll help you out:

    As for my suggestion, you should draw a malamute 'cause we're awesome and we have adorable curly tails.

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    Thanks for your help and imput there Cygnus, I can't promise what the end fur will be but I will update everyone soon as I pick one

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