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Thread: Don't know how many of you remember me...

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    Default Don't know how many of you remember me...

    Hi, I'm MrSiltstrider, I'm an Aussie expatriate currently living in London. I'm a DL and an AB (by a few months). I originally joined back in '06, and was active on-and-off until the crash, so some of you may remember me from the off-topic and computer games sections. I see a lot of changes have taken place, and there's many a new face here, although it's nice to see some old familiar ones too.

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    I remember you... vaguely! We never really spoke, but I recall the fact you were from Cairns. Welcome back.

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    I remember you too . . . Welcome back to the community, reconstituted and way more active than before the crash

    It's really good to see that people don't forget their friends, and their way of life. We all benefit from the experiences of others.

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    I remember you, from the old site. Even though your profile says you joined in January 2008 (i.e. right after the new site opened), you must have kind of disappeared right after that.

    Anyway, welcome bacK!


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    Yep, I also remember your name very well. Welcome back to ADISC!


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    I remember you as well! ^^

    Welcome back =D

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