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    Default furry storie authers

    I have read one published auther named Brain Jackues are there more if so some one point me in the right direction

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    For works that are printed, the first place you want to look is the Furry Writer's Guild. They have a reccomended reading list of published furry works here: Recommended Reading - furry writers' guild

    Other then that, I can't think of any great authors of the furry variety off the top of my head, but I do know they exist in plenty. All it takes is a little but of searching and you're sure to find a gem.

    SoFurry is a good place to go as it originally was a story-only site and it still leans more towards written works: SoFurry - Stories All

    There's always FurAffinity, but there's usually a high ratio of crap to worthwhile stuff:

    Ink Bunny is an option, too, but it's pretty much in the same boat as FurAffinity when it comes to good stuff. There are some brilliant works there, but there's also a bunch of crap:

    I'd really suggest checking out the members page of the Furry Writer's Guild. The writers there are usually dedicated and produce amazing work. Their pages on this site usually have a link to their accounts on art posting sites: The Writers - furry writers' guild

    There's also the Anthro Dreams Podcast if you want to listen to stories. The stories they feature there are usually of high-quality and fun to listen to when you go about your activities: Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing Podcast

    That's all I have. Good luck and happy hunting ^_^

    Edit: I forgot about onecho. He's an awesome author and you should check his Broken Colors Trilogy either on this site or downloadable on FurAffinity. That's a really great story.

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    Ok cool

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    I don't think Brian Jaques is a furry. ono Do you mean stories about anthropomorphic animals? Or actual authors who are furries?

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    Haha so am I, but I'm not uploading mine if you want to read it it's called "A Second Chance" in the Stories in Progress Forum.

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