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Thread: who has a tattoo???

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    Default who has a tattoo???

    i was just wondering how many of you out there has or wants a pics if you have one or post a pic of what you WANT to get done.
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    I've often thought about it...but...there's this lil thing called 'pain' that I try to evade at all costs...sooooo I'll probably never get one.
    I used to say I wanted a red rose through a celtic knot tattooed on my left breast...but...that was back in my 'biker babe' days. LOL

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    I have a tattoo but I am unable to show it as it would give away whom I am way two much, my nappy/diaper life stays away from my day to day life now, but its in the same place where that is but I have color.

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    @bam6465: Just wanted to throw this out there. H.I.M. is an amazing band, they really are. But before you get that tattoo I want you to remember that there are thousands of other people with H.I.M. tattoos. They're actually not uncommon at all. Especially on people around my age or a little older, back when Dark Light was a top 40s album and skate boarding was portrayed as "cool" in the media.

    About two years ago I thought about getting a Misfits tattoo, however I decided to back out of it for the same reason. I ran into at least three other people at my college that year with similar tattoos to the one I wanted. I wanted to get the tattoo because The Misfits are my favorite punk band and I thought that reflected a part of me as a person, however after seeing all the other people with the same tattoo the idea seemed unoriginal and trendy.

    I think the whole point to tattoos is originality, so there's no point (in my opinion) in getting one that tons of other people have. But that's probably why I still don't have any tattoos. I know that no matter what I get I'll eventually get sick of it. I'm a constantly evolving person and I'd hate to carry a mark reflecting interests I may one day out grow.

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    @TheSpecterPrincess i already got that done i designed it i looked at hundreds or other H.I.M. tattoos and i did not find one that is similar my tattoo is one of a kind (that i know of)its MY signature defines i saw in your post that you got it was both the Heartagram and Element skateboards logo combined.your the first to recognize it fully... Oh also if anybody recognizes my tat then they WILL know who i am.(if i do know you just mention adisc ok)

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    None...I have lots of scars though, which were free. Scars are the tattoos of the brave.

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    i HAD scars but they faded i still have a one of em i got when i almost cut my finger off with a swiss army closed on my thumb....

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    I can never settle my mind on one thing for a very long time so a tat is a bad idea.

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    I think I'll stick to Mehndi (Henna Tattoo) It looks great, I can a take a pic of it 'to last' and after a few weeks I can get a new one. LOL

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