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Thread: More Munk Arts

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    Default More Munk Arts

    Sorry I haven't posted much on here. Been a hectic July for me.


    Just some comfort/personal art. Kinda reflecting on July too. What a month. And something to get me in my rhythm again. Looking at how that paths we take. Yet there's a difference between walking it and knowing it. And the things ya discover along it and about yourself as ya go along.

    4 Years

    As of August 9th, Ozzie and I celebrated 4yrs being together as the munk n skunk couple. Here's to many more ^^


    I'm sure if ya catch me on IM or text, I say I'm 'sitting around bored'. I get bored easily. Munks aren't much of the sit still type.

    I was wearing this outfit the other day, and was sitting like this wondering what the heck to do.

    Yet even when bored I still smile ^^
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    great art Tavi :3 Skunk nd Munk are a great couple x3 Keep drawing !!!

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    Many thanks there Koneko ^^ Will keep at it and padded ^^

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hehe aww thanks foxxerz ^^

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    Yes you should always be padded and draw cute art.

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    :P Cute

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    *Squeeeeee* those are so adorable!!! Ahem...

    Sorry about that, what meant to say, was, once again TaviMunk, you have amazed me with your gift of the visual arts. I really do like this round, and, if I may be so bold, "uncharted" and "just...sitting" are my personal favorites. Though, to be honest, I do like all three of them for different reasons.

    I don't want to sound like I'm stroking your ego or anything, but seeing some of the stuff you do has inspired me to work on my own pics of my fursona...or koalas in general - even though I'm not as good as most if not all of the folks around here.

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    Excellent Tavi

    I've been following your art since my "initiation" as a furry; (Or rather; since I found out about the Fandom :P) more than four years ago; and I'm amazed at the difference in styles you use for each work.
    I acually sat around for an hour once watching one of your very old Livestreams.. I'm a horrible artist myself; but as Tripped said; I've taken a bit of inspiration and attempted a few drawings of my own before.

    Anyway; Just wanted to say.. impressive work; keep it up ^^

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    Tavi... You have always been one of my favorite artists. First off the art looks amazing, vibrant, well thought out... (I'd give an arm and a leg to be able to draw like that!) Also because you also seem incredibly humble despite your abilities.

    You are truly an inspiration for many of us.

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    Cute, awesome. Still wish i had your skills.

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