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    Default Help: Lost my thread

    I tried writing a story for adisc, but lost it all.

    As I was typing the story in the new thread page it continuously said that it was auto saving, but I accident hit back and lost a lot of work. can I still retrieve it?

    No, the "restore Auto-saved content" button isn't there.

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    If the restore button isn't there and it doesn't come back when you press 'forward' or 'back' then sadly it is gone. With any online editor, not just Adisc's, i would recommend typing something up offline (Word, wordpad, notepad... etc.etc.) then copy pasting it to the online entry. There are just too many things that could go wrong, putting hours of work into something online. You could lose connection. The site could go down. You could accidently hit back. Sadly, I think this is just going to have to be a learning situation for you. *hugs* good luck to you.

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