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    Red face Hey Everybody!

    Hey everybody, i'm Craziboi. I'm 19 and fresh outta high school. Going to be going to college full time here pretty soon and would love to be apart of this community. It just so happens that today was my first day that I went out and bought diapers for myself!

    Holy. Crap. Is all i can say, I was so nervous. I walked right in, walked in one aisle, went down to the diaper aisle, Figured it was now or never and then grabbed the twelve pack of L/XL Goodnites Underwear and the cashier acted like it was nothing but my heart was about to come out of my ass. Phew, next time I'm gonna grab some depends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craziboi View Post
    Hey everybody, i'm Craziboi. I'm 19 and fresh outta high school.
    Welcome to the boards. You'll find a lot of threads discussing various kins of diapers you can find out there and their various levels of effectiveness in the Diaper Talk thread.

    As a community, we're more receptive to people who tell us who they are outside of the diaper. What are your non-adisc related activities? What are you going to college for? What do you do in your spare time? Sports, music, hobbies?
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    Sorry about that NateSean.

    Going to college for Hotel Management and Business Administration where hopefully I'll walk out with my bachelors degree! I enjoy rollerblading, walking, playing Sims :P, and facebook! For Music I love Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry, T-Pain, and basically all new Party music. I'm gay, if you haven't noticed already! One life aspiration that I want to do is to go to NYC when i get older and live in a beautiful greek revival townhouse <3, but alas there millions and millions of dollars .________________.

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