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    Hey there! So, um I hope its okay i posted n here even though i havent posted in intro yet. Been a lurker here for a while, but since diaperspace got potty-trained or whatever you wanna call it i dont know where to go to look for help as abdl pixel has next to no community and abdlc just has a bunch of gay guys hitting on me from my exepriences there.

    So im about to start college in two weeks, ill be living with a roomate. and im not sure how to be able to indulge my ab side AND be an active college student at teh same time, i have a couple AB friends in my area but they treat me like an annoyance unless i hang out with them every week.

    I guess my question is, do I just stop any and all AB activities while im in college? Or should I try and balance things out more and move into a singles room next year?

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    One of my ab friends who was in college used to rent a hotel room every month or two to indulge until he could get his own room. Its a little expensive, but if you can't get privacy any other way that is an option. Also, with college classes, he may not always be in your room, so you could potentially wear every once and awhile, as long as he respects your privacy (so you can hide them somewhere). I myself personally wouldn't be to go that long without diapers at all, but that's me.

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    You can wear and be happy in college but never as much as you'd like. In college you need to understand there are limits and restrictions with having a roomate around that you need to be careful and respectful of! But as long as you keep your own privacy about it all there's never a need to stop!

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    I wore in college all the time but I didn't have a roommate though. I say wear your diapers but with in limits.

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    There appears to be a few of these threads going on (back to school season already? :P) here's an ongoing discussion with another chap, maybe you guys go to the same university! XD

    One other thing I wanted to mention in these sorts of threads is that if you feel like you *can't* go without diapers perhaps college is a good time to try and exercise some control and try to break away from it a little. Getting a room at a hotel or moving out of a dorm first year seems really difficult on a student's salary and if you wanted to there definitely are ways to obtain, hide, and wear diapers without your roommate knowing (they probably wouldn't care too much so long as you were sanitary anyway). Beyond that, from personal experience wearing and all that has sort of a draining effect. Diapers can weigh you down, especially in a new place like college it adds stressors dealing with hiding your stuff, figuring out a time/place to wear, disposal, dealing with people who may eventually find out, feeling like you don't want to socialize while wearing for fear of being discovered etc... The best thing I can say as a recommendation is to at least try to not think about it for awhile as you get settled into your dorm, you'll have lots of other stuff to deal with in the meantime.

    As for how you can still interact? Other AB friends seem like a good option, but I don't know your relationship with them that well. There are other less tangible ways you can engage in AB activities, going on this site, for instance, is one of them

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    I did that scene it was hard and challenging balancing college and roommates and diapers. But I got through it

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    I'm pretty sad that diaperspace changed so much. I was just starting to warm up to that community.
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