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    Hello everyone,

    I'm not so sure what I'm supposed to write about. When I'm not hanging around here, I read books, lay on may huge couch and sleep a lot. Also, I like eating, especially junk food. It's kind of tough to admit this these days, since everyone is so aware about healty eating. What can I say? I just like calories... Sometimes I'm convinced, that I study in a M.A. course, trying to get a degree in humanities. don't know if anyone out there understands what I write, because english is obviously not my mother tongue. So I will just go on writing, since someone (I think it's the system, but keep silent!) forced me to do this.

    Regarding diapers, I tend to be intrigued with a whole range of phantasies. I'm not so much interested in "I want my childhood back!", but nearly everthing else I like. Actually, I think childhood is much like a prison (the mother's womb being the first stage of that) and I don't see why anyone would like to get back there. You see, I like to be a bit intolerant at times. Have I said already that I love american (and canadian and british and ...) television? I love most of what HBO produces (but not Boardwalk Empire), I'am big Buffy fan and have watched Six Feet Under and the Sopranos about seventy times. Exactly: I'm the fat guy from next door! Surprise! Surprise! Uhm, well, and I try to write at times. I like to do DL/AB-related stories without mentioning any diapers. It usually ends bad and has the feel of "I wanna be artsy". But why not trying something different, I think.

    I've joined adisc, because it seems to be a fun place considering the other fetish sites. It seems, that people around here can talk about their desires and still maintain an atmosphere, where there is a discussion possible about pretty much everything else. A lot fetish site lack this. Since you can't talk about diaper brands forever, I think adisc might be doing someting right. As you have noticed, it's a bit of a strain to write english. So I may stay rather silent.


    polprin :-)
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    hey polprin awesome intro eatingjunk food is better then not eating at all it is still good if u are still eating allso wat books do u read.

    well anyway take care and have a good day and stay safe

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    thank you all for your welcome.

    Ehren, did I offend you? I don't understand your response.

    RainbowSplash, I just read "Berlin Blues". It's hard to summarise. It's set in the Berlin/West of 1989. The protagonist is right before his 30th birthday, slacking around while avoiding the question where the hedonism of himself and his peers will lead them. Beside that, I recently discovered my fascination for the French Revolution. In the moment, I'm reading anything about it I get my hands on. It's so strange what happened back then. If I consider e.g. that Notre-Dame in Paris had been devoted to reason in 1792, what happened seems, looking at it from a contempory perspective, like fiction.


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    A little bit late but better than never. Hi Polprin Welcome to ADISC.

    I also love American and British TV shows. What is your favorites? I have a lot of them so i don't think it will be enough to write it all. So you like reading too. Awesome I usually like non-fiction but I also enjoy Novel especially Thriller in fact i just finished reading Fatherland(again).

    Anyway Welcome and enjoy the site.

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