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Thread: Need help in answering a question from ebay

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    Default Need help in answering a question from ebay

    * Note: I am strictly a diaper love. I have never wet the bed* I am a College student and have recently made a significant number of orders

    the message is as follows:

    " Dear **********,
    Hi were you interested in buying the rest.
    I have 6 more available and will offer them to you at $10 each.

    Let me know?

    The actual reason I'm not buying more is because I can't afford more. I don't want the seller to suspect that I'm a Dl though.

    I haven't replied yet, but I was thinking of sending the following message:

    "Thanks so much for the offer. If you still have them later this year, I may take you up on it. I am a college student with intermittent stress induced enuresis ( bed wetting). I have plenty of diapers/ pullups to last for a while, and simply ordered these to test out something different. When I need to order more, if you still have them, and they work out, then I will take you up on it.

    Does this message work? What do YOU think the best response is?

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    Don't use a cover story - they never asked you why you wanted them, don't offer any information. Answer their question only - if you would be interested later when you have funds, say as much. If, for some bizarre reason, they ask why you want them the best response would be to ignore it or otherwise indicate that you'd rather not discuss that with them. You do not need to feel embarrassed about buying a product from someone - they should be embarrassed to be selling it! :P

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    by expierience they are interested in one thing ..selling thier product .they could care less what for. so as the poster above dont offer any more imformation than needed just let them know that you may be interested in the future and leave it at that.

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    "No thank you, I can't afford to buy any more right now"

    It doesn't need to be complicated, they don't want your life story or want to know why you're buying them. They want to know if you will buy them and that is it.

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