This is note of thanks to the group.

March of this year was the first time in my life where I took the first step to actually meet, learn, interact, explore, etc a world where I knew nothing, but realized it these were the people that are showing me the joy of letting myself free and happy.

After I introduced myself, many sent me the thoughts and you had taken the time to consider me and my placement on the path and it meant so much. one of you even wrote a reply to my first forum post and said...

"Welcome and the best way to learn is sit back awhile and read the post surf the site and try to under stand what others do and enjoy and see what fits into your life and see what you are willing to do and try.
This is a wonderful site to meet great ab/dl's and learn who you are."

You made me feel welcomed and that I was on my way to finding where I belonged.

Over these four-five months, I've had shared thoughts with wonderful people I've chatted with and they have been enlightened to so much. I came here in full belief that I was learning about being a caregiver, well, the little part of who I am was given a voice and a potential to live. I think that if I would have come here with a hint that I was going to be drawn to the regression of myself when possible, well, I would have been so scared, I would have not allowed the possibility off experience such fulfillment and would have stuffed my inner child further away.

So, thank you all. I appreciate it.