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Thread: Girlfriend's/Wife's Clothing

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    Default Girlfriend's/Wife's Clothing

    Does anybody who has a girlfriend or wife ever wear their clothing? I haven't bought very many girly clothes partly because I don't have very many opportunities and partly because I don't have enough money. So I always look at my wife's clothing and wish I could wear it too. I have asked her before because she knows about this side of me and she was definitely not into it. She gave me a few items that she didn't want but for the most part frowns upon me wearing it.

    I was wondering if anybody else has had the same problem and what I could do to make it more comfortable for her or if there is a genetic female who can tell me why she is so against it? I think she may be more against the idea of cross dressing in general rather than sharing her clothes so if you have any advice on what I could say to make her more comfortable with cross dressing please let me know.

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    I don't but I don't see a problem with it, after all girls wear their husband's/boyfriend's clothing and nobody bats an eyelid, one of my exs was always borrowing my jackets to go out in or keep warm and my underwear (although I don't get why)

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    I just like to sniff my wife's dirty stimulates me. I would rather wear my clean fluffy white diapers than her clothes.

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    VERY Few wives want DH in their clothing it is one of the big no no's I hear from wives. I do not wear my wife's clothing and besides our taste is very different

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    I used to wear my wife's clothes despite her objections; so I decided to keep it hidden from her for years. Those were years of frustration for me, but it kept her happy. It wasn't until I began wearing diapers, and convinced her she should wear them too, that she no longer thought of my choices in attire as being wierd. Now we go shopping for each other. Much more pleasant, now.

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    All the feminine clothing in the house is mine. My fiancÚ only wears men's clothes so I think it works pretty well for the both of us

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    me and my wife wear a lot of stuff in the same size so we wear each others clothes quite frequently.

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    I am wearing a pair of my wife's lavendar thigh high panties to work today. Ilove the way they feel when walking aroung or simply sitting in my office. It feels a bit naughty too!

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    Are you bigger than her? Honestly I wouldn't want to share my clothes with a guy because I wouldn't want them to get stretched out of shape or anything. If the guy was smaller than me and I knew he'd take care of my stuff, I don't think I would mind. But if you want to know why it bothers her specifically, you'll have to talk to her.

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    I really dislike sharing my clothes with any one at all. I don't share with Charlie.

    Although I do sometimes borrow his clothes, both mens and womens clothes. He has a nice dress I like

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