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Thread: Hello, back from purging lol

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    Default Hello, back from purging lol

    I made this account quite a while ago, soon after went through a purge of sorts and I've decided to come back. Out of school completely with hopes of getting into the IT field, big tech geek and somewhat of a nerd from my friends standpoint. Have had a like a diapers for quite a few years now and have gotten my hands on alot over the past couple years, so it's a been there done that situation. I've gotten to a point where I'm ok with it, so I decided to come back to it. I'd like to actualy be a part of a community with similar people this time around so I don't fall into the same hole I guess. I'm big with pc gaming, mostly the hardware/technical side, but when I feel like it I play alot of games, but overclocking is where I shine amongst friends.

    Iether way I hope to make some new friends as with anything.

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    So you set up your friends PC's so they can overclock their processors, in order to run faster for gaming purposes? Nice. I should probably do that to mine. It's a bit slow at the best of times. Woot for 4fps gaming. :P Anything else you're into besides gaming, computers and the obvious? Outdoors, cars etc...

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    Off the bat can't think of to much, I'm open to trying new things, but most of what I do involves me sitting at a desk or a work bench lol. I do like F1 karting, but it's very expensive for me to do since I dont own my own kart and renting is expensive. It's at a local racetrack and I would use my own car, but it's not very fast (even though I act like it is lol) nor do I need the miles on it or tire and brake wear. My current machine is actualy an i7 2600k @4.7ghz for 24/7 use (highest I've gotten it stable is 5.15ghz) along with 2x 2gb HD6950s and 16gb of ram. Outdoors wise, I can't say I like participating in sports, but I do like to watch if one of my friends are on a team or something.

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    Nice. I would love to give karting a go, but haven't had a chance yet. Yeah, I tend to drive any car as if its fast, but most I drive just aren't. And I really need to overclock my processor.

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    Depending on the system I might be able to help, I mostly deal with intel. I got a small car so it always feels faster than what you are actualy going.

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