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    Do your parents ever ask you about your incontinence/diaper management? Do they ask you when you're low on supplies and buy you more diapers or ever mention that your diaper is noticeable? Or is it a hush-hush subject that's not really ever brought up? Will they refer to "diapers" or is a euphamism used?

    And what will you wear around the house? Do you go to lengths to cover up your diaper around the house too?

    Just curious!

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    This is a good thread. I've often thought of this and am curious to see the responses that you shall get.


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    Well, since my dad pays for them, yes. It's not like it comes up every day, though.

    I wear cloth mostly (though I hope that will change in the near future ...) so the only "supplies" are stuff like powder, balmex, wipes etc. which is all stuff he just orders when he buys groceries (go peapod!). I do mine and his laundry, so he never really has to deal with that.

    He'd mention something if he noticed it, but I'm pretty good about giving myself a good looking-over before I leave the house. I'd probably notice anything long before he did. He calls them diapers, that's what they are.

    I usually shower when I get home from school or whatever goofing off I'm doing with my friends, then just put on a t-shirt and some lounge pants. My t-shirts are all pretty long so there's nothing really showing.

    About the only time you'd see me with nothing covering my diaper would be during the (very short) walk across the hall from my bedroom to the bathroom in the morning. And that's only recently, cause up until about 6 months ago, a friend he worked with rented our 3rd room, and even though he knows about the diapers, it's a little rude to walk around in front of a grown man barely dressed My dad doesn't count, he's seen it all lol

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    Well, the only parent that knew I wear diapers was my mom, as I wasn't incontinent when my dad was still alive. But my mom knew about it after about the first year I began having problems, but she never really said anything to me about it.
    My wife is the one who is always telling me that my diaper is too obvious, or can be seen, and I need to change my pants or put on a longer shirt.
    As far as asking me if I need anything, she doesn't do that. I take care of all of my laundry and supplies if I need them. I'll let her know if I need something and ask her to pick it up for me, since she works in a grocery store, ( the pharmacy), and it's just easier for us if she gets it. That saves me a trip into town for it.
    As far as the "D" word, lol, we all call them diapers because that's what they are. I don't worry about walking around in just a diaper at home either, since my son also knows why I have to wear them. He's fine with it, he's still got a slight bed wetting problem and he wears a pull-up at night because of an under developed bladder and he is a sound sleeper. Neither one of us ever says anything to the other about it. It's just accepted as a condition that we don't have control over, so why make a big deal about it.
    Looking at this from the other side of your question as a parent, we do ask him if he needs any pull-ups, and remind him that he needs to let us know if he's getting low on them. And actually, he wears goodnights, but had worn pull-ups at one point, and so we just call them pull-ups out of habit.
    I hope that answers some of what you wanted to know.

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    Very good thread idea and I like the replys i'm seeing. Good posting guys.

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    My dad did know. Now, being alone, it changes everything....

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    david jones


    I am married amd my wife knows all anout my diapers. I wear cloth and normally wait till the diaper pail is full befot I do laundty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky View Post
    Looking at this from the other side of your question as a parent, we do ask him if he needs any pull-ups, and remind him that he needs to let us know if he's getting low on them. And actually, he wears goodnights, but had worn pull-ups at one point, and so we just call them pull-ups out of habit.
    I hope that answers some of what you wanted to know.
    Goodnites are pull-ups technically, so you aren't too off saying that. Like originally pull-ups were Huggies pull-ups, and originally goodnites were Pull-Ups goodnites. My nephew wears underjams, so I've discovered, and my sister still calls them pull-ups, even if the brand is off. **shrug**

    But ya, about the main question. Noone in my family ever says anything about anything. My grandmother (which is more like my mom anyway because I lived with her for a few years as a kid) occasionally exclaimed my name in surprise when she was behind me and hadn't noticed until then....but I'm not sure if she knows about the actual problems I've been having the passed several months. My mom, dad, and her all know about my infantilist side, but I just felt so embarrassed that I actually would rather they think it was solely due to the infantilism that I wear them. I didn't want her to worry about me at all....Wearing them for infantilism is partly true lately because I've been generally getting good enough for something less absorbant, but I don't want to give up the actual diaper style because the infantilist side is the only reason I can stand it in the first place.

    I told my sister less about my infantilism, but I did tell her more than anyone else about my own issues....She apparently just doesn't care and doesn't say anything about it unless I mention it - which I only ever do when I'm trying to back up my nephew because he wets the bed and has relapsed daytime occasionally as well.

    My mom never says a word about it, and I'm pretty sure she has no idea I actually have a legitimate problem, so nothing there. And I explained some stuff to my dad with a big email - we've said very small things, mostly with me the one starting the conversation, but he never says the word "diapers" - he completely tip-toes around it, or skips it/says nothing....Like he'll trail off the sentence when he's about to say it.

    So basically it's my sole responsibility and I take care of it...I never told my roommate, but I wonder if she knows yet or not. My and her friend from work, which is like my best friend there knows though, and she doesn't care in the least...But we share a lot in common and we both know just about everything about each other. So I do take care to hide everything I can. Everything goes in my room under lock and key. Lucky theres a loud dehumidifyer between my room and the bathroom, so I generally just wear pajamas over my diaper and can get across easy with no noise.

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