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    Hey all

    I'm after some cloth nappies in the UK and wondered if anybody could recommend some?


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    Drydayz/Cuddlz do cloth. I've never actually bought any because I've no intention of dealing with that much laundry (I live in Manchester - I'd never be able to get them dry) but the company has a good reputation, from what I gather. or Cuddlz

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    I can't speak for cloth diapers sold in the U.k., but I do wear cloth, and I would recommend getting pre-fold diapers. I prefer gauze, night weight. They're thick and hold a lot. Pre-folds are a lot easier to put on. The easiest way is to just pin the corners. Some buy them a little larger and fold the front and part of the sides. Remember that you will need plastic pants.

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    Have you checked with Mummy Hazel for reasonably priced Nappies?

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    the simplest and cheapest (and bestest, in terms of quality and absorbtion) is to buy hotel grade terry towelling bath towels, from Dunelm (buy one, cut in half: 2 nappies). also, of course, Dunelm have almost everything you'll need for making plastic pants, should you wish.

    Reusable incontinence pants, incontinence pads and waterproof plastic pants, for children, teenagers and adults. , have a 'bedwetting nappy' that i can recommend (with booster, as the terry towelling is of a low quality, as it is with all inco nappies), plus all the usual, including large pins. if you want, you can also try mini-bungees for afixing your nappies (available from anywhere that sells hardware or household and fancy goods); simply sharpen the end of the hook and afix from the inside of the nappy (so the sharp bit is pointing away from you).

    i also recommend 'frost protection fleece' (bought on a roll and cut to size) for nappy liners. wash before use (to soften) and they're even better doubled, for a super-silky feel as you move.

    i can't recommend the american style nappies, but i can recommend Gary plastic pants, available on ebay from shop4pvc and particularly the white .007, as i bought,
    Coloured Adult Pull On Waterproof PVC Plastic Baby Diaper Vinyl Nappy Pants | eBay
    and buy over-sized, of course (or by the leg measurements alone).

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