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    Anybody ever use attends, Got given attends slip active M10 whilst I'm in the hospital for my skin.

    Just wondering if anybody has any opinions on them?

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    I'm here in the states. I wear Attends waistband style overnight and Attends breatheable during the day. I like them real well. on't know how much difference

    there is to the Attends in the UK.

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    If the hosp was giving you Attends 10 then you are lucky! They are pretty decent diapers. I would put them just above ATN's but more for comfort/odor control than capacity. They still hold up pretty good tho for "non-premium"/middle-class diapers. The hosp was giving me really cheap yellow ones that were a nightmare. Because they were in an out during the day and pokeing all over, taking samples an stuff I just tried to suffer thru it but at night or when I was sure there was going to be a few hours before they would come back I used my own (got permission) The difference it made was huge! Those crappy yellow ones would leak every time - which meant I had to get rolled over for the sheets to be changed. I'm sure it annoyed them but it was really painful for me to move like that. Worked out better for everyone

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    In the UK the equivalent to Attends 10 is Boots Staydry slips. They're pretty good and I did use them regarly when my incontinence started. The only problem I have with them is they're too big in the waist, and the tapes don't stick if they're overlapped.

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    I tried them last night and I'd say even for a medium the actual pad itself was a bit small. Other than that they didn't leak and swelled up pretty good for a hospital diaper.

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    Here in Norway the two main brands here is Tena and Attends, and I must honestly say that I'm a bit tired of Attends. It's been a while since I used them, but if I remember right I didn't like the position of the tapes. It rubbed constantly against my skin when I was walking. And so did the belted diapers.

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    Attends, Abena, ABU, anything else starting with an A is good (i have tried them all)

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    Attends are like magic compared to some of the hospital diapers that i have had to wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XperiaHusky View Post
    Anybody ever use attends
    I used to use Attends with the three tapes and waist band throughout the 90's. They were a decent diaper. However, that was before PaperPak took over the brand. There are much better disposables today. I can't tell you how many times I've leaked in an Attends. They are comfortable, but I put them just above Depends in terms of absorbancy. Never tried the night-time version.

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    I use the Attends with Waistband as my primary daytime diaper because they're cheap yet still better than Depends or any of the store brands.

    They're pretty good, can handle 3 or 4 wettings(depending on how much you leak), I'll usually change them every 4 or 5 hours.

    I can't use them at night though, they've been known to leak on me after a full night of leakage, so I'll use Abena X-Plus at night, for the price you can't beat the quality, even after a full night of wetting I'll still not have fully used them to capacity and I'll usually stay in it for another hour or so before changing.

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