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Thread: Goodnights with waistband more absorbent?

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    Smile Goodnights with waistband more absorbent?

    does andbody know if the newer goodnight with waist band any more absorbent or leak less then the previous version og goodnights?
    It would be nice if the made a bigger size to fit up to 175 to 200+ lbs.

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    I've heard from another member that they are slightly larger and absorbent. I'd like to give the improved version a try myself. I finally spotted the packages stating they were the newer improved GNs. I saw the smaller packs on sale for $9.99 at Food Lion this afternoon. The sales are usually good through Tuesday of each week, at least in the FLs around here.


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    I think they are a bit more absorbent but not enough to notice a huge difference.

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    I have tried them and I have to agree with baseball4life, they are a bit more absorbant but not enough to make a huge difference though. They also are a big larger but again nothing to brag about just a little less snug is all. I do like the new material they are making the stretchy sides out of now though, seem to hold together a bit better than the older ones. I have some photos up in my gallery of them if you are interested.

    Have fun!

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    I have used a mess of the new ones and, to tell the truth, besides the new graphics they don't seem any different to me. If they are more absorbant I don't think it's enough of a difference to really matter, I certainly haven't noticed it. And I don't know what this fuss is about the sides, they seem to be exatly like the old ones to me. But the new graphics are way cool in my mind, and I like them very much.

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    For me its the waistband...just seems more like a Pull Ups I guess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnitesgirl View Post
    They are slightly more absorbant but 100% cuter
    That settles it! I gotta give the *improved* Goodnites a try.


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    are they in any way more comfortable, or diaper-ish feeling than the old goodnites?

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