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    Cool YOUR Dreams!

    So, folks... This thread is pretty straightforward. Talk about any interesting, scary, funny, hot, uplifting, or otherwise notable dreams you've had! They can be *BDL-related, but they don't have to be.

    I tend to have really vivid dreams. Sometimes they're scary, sometimes they're annoying, but sometimes they're amazing.

    The most notable dream I've ever had, I had when I was ten. I still remember everything about it... I had died and was awaiting judgement. Looking around, there was a line of ghostly beings ahead of me. The platform upon which we stood was seemingly solid, but very ethereal in nature. Looking off over the side, I had seen "Earth", consisting of a short series of visions, most notably warfare. Ahead of me was God in a veiled gazebo; only His silhouette was visible. There were two elevators ahead; they were gold on silver cables. But there was an abyss below, and I peered over the edge to look. I saw Hell. It was like a city in which the clouds were thick and black, buildings were continually burning and also blackened by the flame, and the soil was a deep burgundy. There was a river of lava spanned by a large bridge. Tall, black and red horned demons whipped tortured souls, black and crawling on the ground. I looked up in horror, and saw that I was next to be judged. Awoke with a jolt.

    So, how about you?
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    I actually keep a dream journal. I have some crazy dreams at times. Over time, I've heard many people say that my dreams are stranger than most others. One of the big things I notice in my dream are colors. Here's one. This is somewhat "normal" although it is one of my more "spiritual" dreams:


    My parents had let, and I snuck out of the house to got to a church at the top of a relatively flat, grassy hill. It looked as if we were living in the first house in Palmdale. I climbed the mountain (it was somewhat chilly) and extremely foggy. Rather than gray fog I normally see in my dream, it was much more clear/white.

    I entered the church and it was extremely dark except for the pulpit. There were some people I remember from my last church sitting in the church (the teens, some high memebers, the pastor and his wife). I sat down where the teens were in the middle of the seating area. This was the first time I ever felt comfortable in this area (I didn't when I actually had to sit here).

    I was trying to "relearn" my manners on how to act in church. I was slumping, taking up multiple chairs, but I was trying to sit up straight. I was aware that it was early July in my dream, but it felt as if I was at an Easter service. I actually enjoyed the message (which I do not remember specifically). The service was over and we began to exit the building. I found a girl I knew from school (her name was Faith). We and everyone else sitting in the church walked through the fog together. It felt very mystical and spiritual. I returned home, and my parents were there and knew I left without their permission, but they were not upset.

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    Uggh! I dosed off in my shrinks waiting room waiting for my appointment today after work and....
    Imagine three discs on a horizontal shaft, the center one has a horizontial pin that engages mirror mazes on the side discs and stays horizontal as the discs rotate but shifts position as the outer discs rotate together but not always at the same pace or direction as the center disc. The pin has slipped off track and is skewed, the outer discs are out of alignment with each other, this mechinism is organic, part of my brain and I have to get the pin back on the proper track so I can think strait but it is too hard...
    Had an interesting session and though I told him about it it was not the major focus.

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    I've been having this recurring dream where I'm driving into a city. I get out and start walking, going from building to building. I'm supposed to be somewhere, but nothing really makes sense. Sometimes I find my car and attempt to drive home, but I don't know the city and the streets don't make sense. I can never find my way out of the city.

    There are variations to this dream. In one, I'm living in a past town. I'm driving around and the streets make sense; I know where I'm going. Suddenly the streets change, and what I thought made sense, doesn't. I can't get home.

    The last one is worst. I'm driving in New Jersey, where I grew up. I'm lost, but I figure if I can just find the beach, I can find home. I do come across a sandy road, and once in this dream, I pull up to my home when I was in high school and college. I go up to the door, home at last, and with my parents who will be waiting. But the house is empty. My parents don't live there. In reality, my parents died many years ago, and so they can't be there.

    The last is just as bad, and I used it when I wrote "Werewolf". I'm home and in high school. I go and visit my best friend. In real life, we did everything together. We were very close. Often he and his brother and I would go bike riding, and so in this dream, we're off riding our bikes. But little by little, they get farther and farther away from me. After awhile I lose sight of them. As hard as I try, I can't find them, and I feel so alone.

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    this morning before waking up I had a dream that me and two friends "won" like 140,000 dollars between the 3 of us because we walked out of The Dark Knight Rises with 3 min's left of the movie. There wasn't a contest but a claus the theater itself was under due to some lawsuit or some shit like that. So anyways the manger tried to get us to forfeit the check he legally had to give us bu we saw past his ruse and decided to just get bck home and cash out the check in the morning. the last bit was being chased down by the manager and some goon's while we were just about to board a train to get back home.

    I woke up and then thought "son of a bitch, there goes all that money."

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    Last night I dreamt I was having a party and there was this one annoying girl who kept complaining about basically everything - the food, the music, the people, the house, etc. So I said "If you don't like it then leave", and she started crying and ran out of the house. And then I spent the rest of the night trying to find her in random locations to try to apologize. :|

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