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Thread: Is diapered anime pornography?

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    Question Is diapered anime pornography?

    I wanted to get some ABDL opinions on whether diapered anime characters is pornography and whether it is detrimental to a relationship. It took me a long time to admit to myself that I shouldn't be looking at real life pictures of diapered adults and that it takes away from my marriage. I also think that diapered anime is probably just as bad, but it is tough for me to admit that to myself because they are really cute and I enjoy looking at those kind of pictures. I also consider most of them to be very artistic and have more value than just to satisfy fantasies. However, I am a devout Christian and have difficulty letting myself believe that they aren't detrimental to my faith and relationship. What do you guys think? Also, specify whether you think real life photos are bad or not so I can take that into perspective on your answer.
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    I don't really think that watching porn in general is necessarily detrimental to a relationships. But, if you are of the mindset that it IS bad and detrimental, then the anime probably is, too. I mean yeah, it's not actual people, but the concept is the same.

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    Whether porn is bad or not depends on your beliefs and values. Porn, to me, is any media that causes sexual arousal. In my case, looking at pictures of naked women would not be porn because it does absolutely nothing for me. What is porn to you depends on what gets you going.

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    For my point of view, I believe that any imagery you partake in for the sake of arousal counts as pornography. And this includes videos, photos, drawings and even erotic stories. Personal opinion, of course.

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    Well I personally have to say...It kind of depens on what you think but let me tell you mine for an idea.

    For me I define porno as somthing that I feel unformable looking at...simple meaning but effective.

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    I feel lazy doing such a short post

    But if you are getting off on it its porn :P

    But i don't see how that's harmful as long as you aren't taking it to an excess?
    Honestly its all mostly harmless, its not illegal, no ones getting hurt (probaby), everyone involved is consenting.
    I think what you are feeling is similar to the guilt a lot of us feels with the binge purge cycles of the abdl lifestyle. What you are doing isnt wrong but its something you have to come to terms with yourself

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    I was going to do a multi-quote, but that would just clutter up my posts by making it too long. Porn,as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary is: "the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement" Therefore I agree with the consensus that pornography is what ever turns you on. I also agree that is is not a good thing to engage in for more than one reason. First: it can warp you perception. Most people will never look like those you see in 'typical pornography'. Second: it desensitizes you. You can become so accustomed to seeing it that your own personal romantic relationship can suffer because of it. My own personal opinion, is that it disrespect your significant other.

    I never was into viewing or reading pornographic material. When I viewed AB/DL images (real or drawn), I would usually just focus on the diaper in the image. It's one thing to see a diaper advertised somewhere, all nice and neatly folded; it's a whole different matter to see the same product being worn in an image. The diaper being worn in the image, gives you a better idea of how it might look on yourself. Now,, if the image displaying the diaper had other elements in it that I didn't care to view, I just cropped the image down and blocked out what I deemed offensive or unwanted. If the image was decent and had nothing wrong with it then I kept the whole image.

    Now, since being married, I have my wife to consider. When she found out I was viewing AB/DL images (even though they were tame) she did not like it and I stopped viewing. Yes it is a bit harder to judge how a particular diaper might fit or look on me, but that is an unknown I can live with. So, that is my take on anime and also what constitutes pornography and how I handled it.

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    I suppose anime porn is only porn if you become sexually aroused by it. It seems awfully tame to me, so I wouldn't be concerned. The problem with human pornography is that it tends to victimize those who are photographed, but there are no victims in drawings. I've never heard one complain, anyway..haha.

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    Does it cause sexual arousal/excitement for you? If so, it's porn.

    Does it not do the above? If so, not porn.

    That's how I see it, anyway. Pornography is a really loose term. If you feel like you shouldn't look at it, don't look at it. It's really a matter of decision on your part wether or not you should be viewing what you're viewing.

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    In my opinion if it is meant to look sexy or anything like that then it is porn but if it is just someone wearing a diaper then it is not porn. Like if there was an anime girl wearing a diaper with her legs up or something like that then ya, that's porn. But if it is an anime person wearing a diaper standing normally with normal clothes on then I don't think it is porn. As for the relationship bit it really depends on who you're dating. My current girlfriend has determined that when I look at porn it is equal to cheating on her so that is a no-no.

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