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Thread: i have a fur friend but i am interested in

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    Default i have a fur friend but i am interested in


    i have a friend who is ab and also furry , i do not recall what fur animal is him but i am interested in try out the furry thing and feel what is like, what i need to get or how could i know what fur animal i am or how could get started

    any suggestion would be appreciated

    best regards

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    Hey there dltrainer! If you are curious about what the furry fandom is give this ADISC article a go over:

    i am interested in try out the furry thing and feel what is like
    This is my opinion, but have you ever been in another fandom before? Could be any old one like Star Trek, Anime, Dr. Who, you name it. The majority I see on this forum that are looking to experience it for the first time or have no idea what it is I think feel it's more a secret club or lifestyle. The only thing that separates the Furries from the the former revolves around an interest in anthropomorphic animals and the latter around Patrick Stewart....or William Shatner. Depends on who ya talk too. You'll find the same sort of feelings of belonging and community....and nerd freakouts.

    If you have a big interest in human looking animal art or say acting like one, than look no further but there's nothing really to it than that. It's pretty much whatever you want out of it (pick or chose our "fursona" for example).

    My suggestion? Follow your friend around to a furry convention or some other online community he attends to have him show ya around.

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    The way i got started was i picked three of my favorite animals. Then picked the one I thought fit my personality. There really isnt any set way of getting started. Just do what feels fun.

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    You are talking about furry like it's an... activity. Furry is a fandom. Essentially it's a bunch of people that find anthropomorphic animals interesting and hang around each other.

    Getting started? Look at artwork of anthropomorphic animals, look up videos of conventions on YouTube, meow... or something. You can't do furry, you be furry. Find out about the fandom, see if you like the crowd. If you don't, you don't. If you do, you're a furry. Woo!

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    Well, if you wanna get involved in a fandom, any sort of fandom, you gotta find what you *like* about it.

    For example, if you like the artwork....well, make some! Or...create an image folder and save a bunch of artwork and look through it!

    You can try crafting up a fursona, which is something that's quite popular to do, and is usually a first step.
    I can't really *tell you* how to make a fursona though, as it's something that's intrinsically *you*.

    Just try the fandom out. And hey, if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. Just because your friend has a different interest doesn't mean it wouldn't work out!

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    That was wondering what is a fursona?

    I think will read more about everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by dltrainer View Post
    That was wondering what is a fursona?

    I think will read more about everything

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    A fursona is a character that a person creates to represent themselves in the furry fandom.

    It's a furry persona, hence the term 'fursona'.

    A fursona can be pretty much anything your mind can create. My current fursona is pretty basic, a black and white malamute with red hair; but I used to be a lavender snow leopard with working toaster slots in his chest and a jam dispenser in his belly button. The fun thing about furry is that it's a stand alone complex. There are no rules to what you can do, the fandom is not based upon any one thing, so you can do whatever you like.

    You don't need to have a fursona to experience furry culture, it's just an image of yourself in the culture.

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    Hey, I know I'm late to the thread, but I think I'll try and help.

    The furry fandom is probably one of, if not the broadest fandom in existence. It encompasses everything from fans of art, to people who think it's fun to dress up, to people who think they are furries in spirit, to people who just have a kinky fetish. The definition of "furry" is so far reaching, that we furries haven't even really been able to define what makes someone furry or not. The best we have been able to do so far is "Someone who likes anthropomorphic creatures".

    You decide whether you're a furry or not. It's just a label that you give yourself. The way to figure out whether you are a furry or not is to ask yourself "Do I want to be a furry?". If you do, then congrats! You're in.

    Now a fursona, contrary to popular belief, is not required to be part of the furry fandom. A fursona is the form through which you choose to express yourself in terms of furryism. This concept is almost as loose as the definition of "furry". You can be literally anything you can possibly imagine. You want to be a dragon? Done. You wanna make that a dragon-cat hybrid? Done. You can even go beyond the animal kingdom. I've seen plants, robots, rubber-people, you name it. Hell, you could probably make a fursona out of a brick wall and a can of Febreeze if you really wanted to. You can also have multiple fursonas if you wish. If one day you feel like a fox and the next you feel like a lion, go for it. Also, you don't need to be the perfect cross between two creatures that you might imagine when picturing a furry. You can be a human with cat ears, you can be a dog that happens to be able to speak. Anything that's part "human" and part "other" can be called a furry.

    Typically people make fursonas that express themselves in some way. For insance, many people choose to be wolves because it makes them feel brave or independent. This lets people express their innermost qualities that they might not express under normal circumstances. I actually heard a great quote about the subject once, "It's me, but better". Of course this isn't mandatory when creating a fursona, you can be whatever you feel like being.

    So to recap: You're a furry if you (think you are)/(want to be) a furry, and a fursona is a form of self-expression that can take the form of literally anything you can pull out of your head. That's about as specific as the furry fandom gets. Hope this helps!

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