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Thread: Runescape, Need Help :p

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    Default Runescape, Need Help :p

    Heya guys, i just lost my level friend went on and its now banned.

    Anyone have a free account?

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    lol that sucks for you. Um, I don't think anyone will know any free accounts :p

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    I dont play anymore, but i still want my account as like remembrance....if you want some money I have like 2 mill, i can give you like 100k or something...


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    thanks, but with the new rules there's no way to give free stuff

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    DAMNIT! I wanted to say WoW first.

    Theres new rules, seriously, your friend going on your account shouldn't get you banned, maybe a warning, but not banned, who the hell cares?

    Is it just me, or does it seem jagex is just making Runescape worse and worse?

    Seriously, dear god your so damn strict about your stupid game, if someone leveled to 100 and then you banned them because they had their friend get on, they are NOT coming back. Serious, anyone agree with me? This IS TAR!

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    alex, i agree lol...but if you read future updates, they aint to bad.

    You got any accounts i can use/have ? :p

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