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Thread: What stores carry Pampers 7??

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    Default What stores carry Pampers 7??

    Everyone keeps mentioning Pampers size 7...but the stores I've been to only carry them up to 6?? Walgreens, Rite Aid, Giant, Safeway, I even tried luck. Where's everyone getting them??

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    Oh and Target, too. And Food Lion.

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    They're hard to find. I know Wal Mart and Babies R Us carries them. I live in New York, and you can find them at Met Food Stores. I've never seen them in regular drug stores.
    Edit: It should be noted, though, that Size 7 isn't that much bigger than regular 6s.

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    No luck with Safeway, huh? Here in the Seattle area, all of the Safeways I've been to carry them. Only other place I've seen them is Babies 'R' Us.

    One thing to remember, though, is that these diapers are basically Baby Dry 6 with stretchier wings in back. If you can squeeze into Baby Dry 6, Cruisers 7 isn't going to do much for you--might be a bit less tight around your midsection, but it'll be riding just as low. There are no miracles in baby diapers, I'm afraid!

    Avoid Cruisers 6, though. They're smaller than the other 6's.

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    ^When I lived in Bellevue, WA, there was a Washington-specific supermarket chain that carried them. I wish I could remember the name...

    Also, Wegmans carries them.

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    I only see them at walgreens. But yeah they're hard to find.

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    A local grocery store chain in Iowa has them usually hyvee and baby r us

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    The squeek store has pampers size 7

    The Squeek Store - Diapers

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm sorry I didn't think to search the forum first, I was/am on my phone. I did find threads on the subject on this forum via google and wished I did that before I started a new thread on this. Yeah...I don't think I'm gonna fit them because I am rather hippy. Lol.

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    When these first came out, I saw them everywhere in the US. Now they seem disappeared from a lot of stores. I wonder if Pampers is somehow not selling as many as they had hoped?

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