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Thread: Is cystoscopy painful?

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    Default Is cystoscopy painful?

    I have an appointment in a couple of months where they shall put a camera into the penis and the bladder. Is this painful? I've read that you get local anaesthesia first, but is that effective? Or is it still painful?

    A year ago I had colonoscopy, and that is something I will never forget. I promised myself that I will never have another camera inside my body, but here I am, two months before hell-hour starts again.

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    I have had 2, most recently last week. They'll numb up the inside of your urethra with jelly first. It's not painful at all just a bit of pressure and its over in less than 5 minutes usually.

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    i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that sticking a camera up there will not be terribly comfortable. they'll most likely give you some kind of painkiller or number first, though.

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    Messedintheheads: Girls can have them too!

    Duckey: I had one when I was 18. Honestly, it was very painful. I do believe that they can do them after putting you to sleep. It may be your insurance won't cover the anesthesia though and you'd have to pay out of pocket. While it did hurt, it was over pretty quickly. The doctor said that one of the the glands (or whatever) in there is much tighter when you are younger. That could explain why I had a much harder time than Alornotter.

    I've joked that if I ever have to have one again, I'll pass and just die. Honestly, it was bad, but if I needed one again to check for/rule out a medical condition, I'd do it, even if I couldn't be put to sleep first. It sucked, but it was over fast, and it's not something that you have to recover from.

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    I just had a cystoscopy 3 days ago. I wouldn't say that it was very painful.
    The nurse inserted some gel - and then the Dr came in a little while later.
    He let me watch on the monitor. He said I didn't have any tumors and all looked OK - even my prostate. He did say I had a small bladder. I had provided a bladder diary also.
    I just checked and I have an average void of 195 CC.
    I looked on the Google and found that children capacity is age/2 + 6 = ounces.
    195 cc is about 7.5 ounces, so as an adult..I have the capacity of a 3 year old?

    No wonder I go alot.

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    If done properly, you may or may not experience some discomfort. I didn't have any problems with the one I had done recently other than some mild discomfort, but that was due to an issue outside of everyone's control

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    I had to catheterize myself for more than a month, and it wasn't painful at all. Of course there wasn't a camera attached. That would have been very painful because at the time, all I had was a big Canon 35 mm. Joking aside (I did have to catheterize myself) they do try to make these procedures painless. I think you'll be fine. The trick is to relax and let it happen. Once I was doing myself, it became very easy because I was in control of the procedure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I That would have been very painful because at the time, all I had was a big Canon 35 mm.
    That wouldn't have worked. They use a video camera. 13 years ago video cameras were REALLY big, so maybe that explains it? :-D Honestly though, there is a good chance the equipment has gotten even smaller in the last 13 years, which would mean less discomfort.

    Just to add to my previous comments, they do numb you up as others have said. I should also mention I'm a wuss when it comes to pain, so it is very likely that what I found very painful, others would just find uncomfortable.

    Keep in mind that they equipment they used was designed for this purpose. It's not like dogboy and I have joked, where they just glued a camera onto a stick. While they say passing a kidney stone is one of the most painful things a guy will ever experience, men go through and survive that all the time. In that case a hard, jagged object, which ISN'T design for going through the urethra, passes through the same tube without any numbing done beforehand.

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    Well, I have mixed feelings. I guess it's better with cystoscopy than having a camera down your throat, but having a camera inside the bladder doesn't sounds like fun either But thanks for your comments everyone!

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