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Thread: Purging. Has anyone else done it?

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    Thumbs up Purging. Has anyone else done it?

    As an adult baby I have purged more times than I can remember. Is this common? I'm on the brink of placing an order for two romper suits, plastic pants, towelling nappie pants and disposable nappies and can't wait for them to arrive. I'll also wear trousers a size too big because my nappies are so bulky but when I'm at home, which is a lot, I'll probably be weeks in my romper and nappies because there is no reason not to be and I love the security they give me. I went 24/7 once, with changes, for a whole month. I have one friend who I live with who doesn't say or do anything to change me but can't be my mummy. So, of all the people I know only one really knows me. She has tried to stop me purging in the past but never suceeded because I've been in a mindset that can see no break or end in being 24/7. I accept that I have a damaged psyche and I guess a little of me resents that. But I know that when I get my baby clothes back I will have time out from them but still adore wearing them.

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    Purging is so common it's almost unbelievable! That is apart from the fact that it makes perfect sense! Most people purge because they feel guilty, they feel that what they are doing is wrong and as those feeling become too much to bear we snap and throw everything away as if our desires will fly out the door with them! Unfortunately thins never works and we end up buying loads more AB stuff when we crave for it again, it's not really possible to 'cure' yourself its like gay men pretending they are straight no matter how much you try you still want what you want! The only real answer is to control it don't let it take over, if you find this sexual then try to follow normal sexual activities aswell if you do nothing but AB then your asking for problems!

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    Ive never had it happen to me.

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    I purged once, I was drunk and hateful of myself. Less than two weeks later, I had wanted all my stuff back. I was very regretful, I had thrown out all my diapers and my paci, a nice outfit my wife had made for me, and other assorted effects. I have never purged since. I figured this is my life, and if this makes me happy, then I'm gonna do it.

    I can only suggest balance and acceptance.

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    I have vowed to never do such a ridiculous thing. Before that, The worst I ever did was rip up one diaper, so I couldn't use it. This was long ago.

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    People do it all the time, I have never really purged per se my self but I have medical need for them as well as being an ABDL so, that may have something to do with it. I think would be more tempted to purge sometimes with vast collection of sissy clothes, as I have more or less been mandated to keep them put away unless in use so no one can walk in and find them in my room. I liken that a bit to your AB situation as it is something that could happen with those for me. I found though that actually putting them away though and keeping thing organized kept me from purging anything despite a couple of nice request, though those were let go after I started to keep things put away, so putting things can help with that feeling and relieve some parental tensions too a lot of times.
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    It's is all too common in the AB/DL community. I have purged more times that I can remember accepting this side of your life is really a good way to deal with it.

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    I'm too cheap to throw stuff away seeing as how I spent a fair bit of money on what is my current stash, purging for me consists of not touching it for extended periods of time.

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    When I was in my teens I used to do this but by the second time I felt the financial pinch of getting rid of everything. You just need to accept that this is who you are .. its gonna come back why punish your self for something u can't control and didn't choose to like. Until the point I found and told the love of my life n soon to be fiance about this I never truly accepted my self ... Although I stoped purging by that point I would cycle in and out of wearing and the self hatred came and went accordingly ... Her acceptance of who I am and participation in my ab side is the only thing that removed the hatred and truly helped me move on and accept myself.. since then I've never even thought of the binge purge cycle .. I am who I am period

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    I'm too cheap to throw stuff away seeing as how I spent a fair bit of money on what is my current stash, purging for me consists of not touching it for extended periods of time.
    Yes I have been there as well gpt rid of all my stash I then wished I has kept it. Things have been much better since I moved it with my other half who does not mind my fetish

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