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    Default Minecraft sever

    I have a small minecraft sever going that will support up to 4 people. Looking for 3 people that would like to help me out.
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    Are you looking to use mods, or just run a plain minecraft server. and how are you hosting it, from home (alot easier and cheaper) or from a hosting company (not something I suggest for such a small amount of people)?

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    found a site that lets you host for free will up to four people. And I have a spare computer, I would love to make a minecraft server but have no clue where to start

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    You can buy a server on different sites. I've read a few on the dutch minecraft forum

    Lets see:

    Enchanted Hosting - Home (Cheap prices)
    Creative Teamspeak | Redirect (Dutch Only)

    Oh.. I also saw

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    It's not to difficult, and in my opinion its easier to manage from your own machine. The server files can be downloaded directly from If you do run a server from your computer or within your house, you want to make sure you have a decent internet connection with good up and download speeds (15-20+ mbp/s both ways) and a good amount of resources for the server. I allocate 4gb of ram to my server, I only have 10 slots open on mine since I play on the same computer I host on.

    Check out this link Tutorials/Setting up a server - Minecraft Wiki it should help you get a pretty good sense of what you need and how to do it.

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