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Thread: Wicking, and softness... Abena X-Plus vs. Dry 24/7

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    Default Wicking, and softness... Abena X-Plus vs. Dry 24/7

    How do they compare in those areas? I'm in a wheelchair, and the fluid obviously has a difficult time getting to the back of the diaper. Read the test chart on XP Medical, and the XPlus is rated 2 inches better, but I'm not sure thats a big enough difference to sacrifice the extra absorbency of the 24/7...

    I ask because I find the 24/7 a bit 'hard' to sit on. Feels kind like I'm sitting on a board. Are the XPlus any more comfy?

    Feel free to recommend any other super high absorbency diapers, just no baby prints. My 'little' side is a secret, but I do need them for long durations without access to bathroom help. Care giver dresses/diapers me, so no Bambinos. I wear inconsistently, a pack lasts awhile, so cost (within reason) isn't a big issue. Just want to be comfortable and leak free.

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    The most recent iteration of the x-plus doesn't seem to be nearly as good as when they did their testing. The 24/7 would work much better, IMHO - make sure legs and waist are tight but there's room for the padding to expand and I'll bet they'll work much better for you than x-plus. Of course, YMMV, so don't be afraid to experiment with each and update us with the results!

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