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Thread: What would you pick as your last meal request?

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    Default What would you pick as your last meal request?

    I recently read an interesting article about last meal requests from inmates about to be executed. For the sake of curiosity, lets assume today is your last day, and you can pick anything--practically anything--that you want for your last meal. So what would you choose? Go wild.

    I'm not excluding alcohol or tobacco, but at least keep it hypothetically possible. Nothing like "stewed dinosaur meat" or "the flesh of my clone from the future".

    For me, I'd pick:

    *A nice piece of medium steak
    *A saute of deathcap mushrooms (apparently they're delicious)
    *A nice glass of Carmel from Isreal
    *Rustic bread from Trader Joes
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    Your death-cap mushrooms are a great idea, and may have further inspired my usual response when the subject of my potential death comes up.

    Some flame-seared panda chops would be nice as a last meal... but really I don't really need anything too fancy. I'd take a 600 ml bottle of Pepsi, a footlong roasted chicken sub from Subway of all places, and a full ounce of magic mushrooms. I'm sorry, if I were destined for death in short order, I intend on being very far from rational at the time of my demise.

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    Pretty much this. *Nom*

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    A krabby patty (yes from spongebob) and a large glass of root beer. (A&W)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDrummerGirl View Post

    Pretty much this. *Nom*
    That was clever

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    A large plate of Training Table's famous cheese fries, plenty of fry sauce (, a large bottle of Coca-Cola that was made in Mexico, and a Jalepeņo Burger from Training Table.

    I'm such a Utahn ><

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    Starter Course: 1x Sub. Italian Herb & Cheese Bread. Pepperjack Cheese. Lettuce. Cucumbers. Peppers. Onion. Banana Peppers. Jalapeņos. Extra Lettuce. Chipotle Sauce. Salt and Pepper.
    Mains Course: 1x Japanese Pan Noodles with Tofu.
    Cheese Course: 1x Cheese Quesadilla. Extra sauce.
    Dessert Course: 1x Golden Gaytime.

    I think I'd die happy, then.

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