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Thread: Some questions about doubling

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    Default Some questions about doubling

    I wear Certainty briefs (best I can get my hands on), and it seems like every time I release a full bladder into them I leak a bit (at least this is the case while sitting down), so I guess I am going to have to start doubling up. I've read up a bit about it here, but just to avoid wasting diapers through trial and error I want to ask a few questions.

    1. What do you find to be the best way to cut holes in it? Some people seem to like tearing out large chunks or cutting long slices. Others like tiny pinholes. What do you find is best?

    2. How much will it hold? In theory I would imagine "double", but realty often works differently. Will I be able to get out more than a large flood without leaking?

    3. How noticeable will it be under my pants? One Certainty brief is pretty discreet. Will 2 be too obvious?

    I will probably come up with more questions later.

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    Since you have access to Walgreens check and see if they booster pads in stock. They will fit into any diaper made. That would be worth a try.

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    1.) Use a pair of scissors. Cinch the front and clip through it crosswise. Don't be afraid to cut too much, as you don't want liquid pooling up in the first diaper.

    2.) If you use a baby diaper, your Certainty briefs will hold a lot more. Huggies Drynights size 6 are great for using as stuffers. I've never used 2 adult diapers unless I'm doubling someone up for the "fun" of it, and when I do, I usually use a medium and a large. Baby diapers will absorb more moisture than you think.

    3.) It won't make your diaper much more noticeable. It increases bulk between your legs, but not in the crotch or seat. I'm not entirely sure on this, but I think Certainty briefs are the blue ones you can find at Walgreens? If so, then they're not very thick at all. They're probably pretty crinkly though.

    Hope this helps. I'd say get a pack of baby diapers and start using them as stuffers.

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    I used to use baby diapers as boosters, they hold twice what a Certainty will. I used a single edge razor blade to cut slits in a regular random pattern on the outer sheet and put the baby diaper in the center of the Certanty before putting it on. Of course quality adult diapers will be better and even more so with their made for boosters.

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    Certaintys are a bit light, booster definitely help, also if you have can order online, HDIS will send you 24 diapers including some moli's, etc and pack of 26 different boosters to try with them for just over $20.

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    Thanks for the replies. I've tried Goodnites and I find them too tight to enjoy, and would probably feel the same about baby diapers. What about the adult pullups in stores? Would they be just as good (or better) for wearing under the Certainties?

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    Another question. If I take the sides off a Goodnite so just the padding remains and set it inside the Certainty I assume this will work just as well but without the tightness, correct? Also, do you think this would be enough to lay in bed and wet with a pretty full bladder and still avoid leaking? I do tend to sleep on my side, so I'd need more than the ordinary brief if I want to sleep in it.

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    Iv been wearing a booster pad inside my dry24/7 diapers while Im at work. I have to have a diaper that can hold out for my 9hrs away from home without leakage. I get the large boosters from abi-form, and they are bulky, but they will be the best you can use.

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    Doubling helps absorbency a little bit, but fully releasing a bladder will pretty much leak from any diaper. I keep saying this over and over to people complaining about leaky diapers. The Certainity Briefs doesn't have leak guards. They are for day time incontinence, and are made to be thinner and more discreet. Incontinent people don't flood their diapers, they have a constant dribble that is uncontrollable.

    If you restrain your voids into a few shorter voids, you diaper won't leak as fast. Gravity will force the urine into the lowest point of the diaper causing a pool of urine in the crotch of the diaper that has a narrower padding area, although thicker, will only hold so much because they don't have leak guards in the Certainity Briefs. Certainity can only hold about 4-5 cups depending on your activities. You have to allow the liquid to spread and be absorbed through out the diaper, not just the spot you pee into or the middle where it pools up.

    If you want something that will absorb more...doubling a Certainity Brief WILL NOT give you any advantages when you are flooding a diaper, because even with holes it has to go through the first layer of padding and make its way to the holes in the plastic to the next diaper, and that can take awhile. Adding a booster pad will not help in the regard either because it takes up a lot of pooling room.

    The best thing to do is to restrain yourself some.


    Try using cloth diapers with plastic pants.

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    XP Medical has some great boosters, use them all the time.

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