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Thread: I found my old POG collection

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    Default I found my old POG collection

    who remembers POGs, I found my old POG collection and it brings back so many memories of the 90s.

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    When I was in college, one of my girlfriends had a little sister who was massively into these--1995, I believe?--and so it was briefly a tradition for us bring some home for her during school breaks. Gah! Thanks for reminding me of my ex! Heheh...

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    OMG POGs!!

    It's been at least twelve...fourteen (1995-1997ish) years since the POGs were in full fad but I remember them just like yesterday. Heck I've got my own stash of 'em laying around somewhere in storage, guess I'll have to dig to find them and relive some good ol' times.

    Man...thanks for reminding me of a lost memory

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    I "inherited" some from a cousin circa 2005. I always collected them.

    Too bad, there were very few to collect, and the ones that existed sucked. And nobody else had them.

    I need to bring back Pogs...

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    I haven't thought about this for years.... that one of major things that reminded me of the '90s. I collected those briefly around 1994-1995. It was fun when it lasted.

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    The 99cents stores had POGS for a while and I bought a few cuz my little sis likes them.
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    "Remember Alf? He's back in pog form!" This is how I'll always remember pogs.

    I had them but I never actually new what the hell they were for, I just had them for the pictures on them.

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