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Thread: I'm finally back on and it feels so gooD to be back! ^_^

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    Default I'm finally back on and it feels so gooD to be back! ^_^

    Well I can't tell you how happy I am to be back on here! A lot has happened to the site since I've last been on here. It's good to be back, I only wish that I'd come back sooner. Especially a year ago.

    One year ago, my girlfriend broke up with me and I wish I'd talked about it on here. Even though she says nothing happened, there's speculation from at least two people that she did in fact cheat on me. I didn't take the break up well, at all, and I really wish that I'd came on here for support. I have to say that not coming on here to talk about it was probably the dumbest decision I ever could have made, no matter how depressed and distraught I was, the very reason this forum is here is for support and I wish I'd taken advantage of this fact a year ago.

    On a happier note: This year has also been a series of firsts for me too! Until this year I'd never been in a mosh pit, I'd never been to the village before, never got to take care of a sweet little ABDL girl, and I'd never tried hookah. Recently I'm trying to get my artwork back up to scratch too so at some point I'll try to post some stuff up on here. So, I've been trying to do lots of new things . I still get incredibly lonely from time to time even though I have friends (it's like I've got this huge gaping hole in me and I just want to fill it with stuff) but I'm glad I'm back.

    I can honestly say that it feels great to be back here and I hope to be on more often. To any of my friends I've made on here I'd love to hear from you and don't be surprised if I drop you a message.

    It's great to be BACK! ^_^

    -Linus BlueSnow
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